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  1. You can add these names to your list ! We're coming down! 12 hour drive from montreal YES! Jessica Dominic Veronique JP Normand And a Sylvain, his first time in wildwood! And of course our single line friend André too.
  2. Hey guys! We had the most amazing time flying with everyone! I'm so glad that we were able to come! Even with all the rev flyers in Quebec, we'll never be as much! I really enjoyed my weekend and we'll try for sure to head down to LSP this summer! Fish pictures will be coming up soon... Thank you all for this amazing weekend! Jessica
  3. Hey guys! It was really nice to meet all of you and to have the opportunity to be in the mega fly! Back here in Quebec, we'd never be has much! We had a blast and I really hope we can do this again before next Wildwood. And keep posting pictures, like Dominic said we didn't have the time to take some! Jes the canadian
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