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  1. Oh, you're right, monday is a 'free flying' day...
  2. It's been moved and is now this coming May bank Holiday http://www.brightonk...co.uk/festival/ The forecast is for full vent or mega vent on Sat and Sun, Full sail or mid-vent Monday...
  3. Not me, but if someone's interested.. http://cgi.ebay.co.u...3#ht_612wt_1141
  4. It appears from discussions on other forums that the Southampton Kite festival HAS recently been CANCELLED... Shame
  5. Excuse me I think the way it reads came across wrong - I'm not being complacent about any of this, Apple users need protection (if only to stop passing stuff on to those more exposed) and I wouldn't promote one over the other (apart from Vista which as a user I loathed) they all have their good and bad points. Personally, never had problems with Win98, I think it only BSD'd on me once, and got on well with Norton up to V10. Hope Win7 is actually as good as they made out Vista was. Yup. Inc NT4. All but the Linux stuff, and DEC VMS was before my time (Although I get to play with the hardware if I have to)... Though not to the kind of level you probably have (only got to play with active directory etc). Interesting about the Phishing attack, been on a few sites in the past where they've been hijacked, and found stuff trying to load in the background... Lucky not to be running Windows, dealt with it, then informed their admin. Edited for Typo's!
  6. Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh don't you just LOVE Windows Vs OS-X Bull$^&£ wind up!!! Stand by what I said about Norton, AND yes, I know exactly what threats are out there for Apple users (and they're not all the headline acts either) OS's Personally I'd rate them as: Win98 - great. XP - ok, Vista - Can't stand it! Tiger - Fine, Leopard - Better, Snow Leopard - Quicker but more flawed. As for Apple service LOL! Although it does have it's moments. Can't stand the way they lock you into i-Tunes etc...(Need to check up, but I thought CS4 could - on SnowLeopard - access more than that...)
  7. I KNOW - Great isn't it I don't have to use it on my Mac Gave up with PC's 5 years ago and with Norton when it reached 'Internet Security v10' (on PC's other's in this house insisted on running) as a resource hungry and ineffective piece of... Company runs a corporate Symantec product on my work laptop, and most other 'Dark-Agers' I know use Kaperski... What I meant to say originally was 'Safari on my Mac runs it Ok'
  8. I've always thought 360 WAS the problem. Safari on my Mac says it's ok
  9. Blustery morning flying at Stokes Bay with quite a crowd from the SKF. Flew my LadyBug until it got too strong for her, then, went 4-line... After being dragged around the green on the end of my Shockwave for an hour and Half, changed kites and found the vented 1.5 was - rather boring! If I get another Rev, I think it'll be a vented Blast Do they do custom colours on that one?
  10. Mr Git

    Why 120s

    Cat food An Owl George It is - Lemon Yellow Women would say it's to remind us we're t*ts!
  11. 100 : 1 shot on the 3 legged nag (?)
  12. That's fantastic news. All the best for the future from over this side of the pond!
  13. Saturday night was fun, and ended up adding sizeable contribution to the '10 pot! Shame neither of us could match the oil money and ad Carl's sail to either of our collections... Although having met him after seeing one of his creations in the auction, I'm aiming to get one of Phill's collapsable planes next! As for next year, a couple of suggestions... I think a 4th (small arena) near the car park/dealers dedicated for lessons and flight/kite clinics would be possible with the space available, which might in turn help with making the rest of the grounds available more space efficient and stop some of the bat/sledge flying newbies clashing with sports kites etc. And then make the 3rd arena slightly bigger and split the time available to sports flyers and for team warmups...
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