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  1. Well Bri - I am nowhere near the average - But I did buy 2 Rev's the first time out. Does that count??? A pic of my Rev's are my Avatar (vented and non-vented) - more pics in my photo gallery. Mike
  2. Thanks for loading all the really cool videos - I know sometimes it can take forever and be a real pain. I'm sure everyone will enjoy them as much as I have. Mike
  3. I love the looks of the "weave" - and I was wonderring about the flying characteristics. Anyone have any comments? Thanks Mike
  4. Ok - raise your hand if you have a kite signed by Lolly - I do, I do One "I do" for each kite - lol
  5. Congrats John - Well Done ........ I just thought everyone might like to see what this award is all about. The Edeiken Memorial Award is AKA's "Kiteflier of the Year" and considered the highest award given by the AKA. (Steve Edeiken was a active, well-known and respected AKA member who died in an accident in 1983. The AKA began giving the award in honor of Steve in 1984.) The criteria for this award as stated in the July/August 1999 issue of Kiting: "The Kiteflier of the Year will be a person who will have shown friendly, loving, fair, even-handed concern for: People in general, but ki
  6. Stone in Shoe BobPosted Today, 08:10 AM QUOTE (Jim Foster @ Sep 25 2008, 03:42 AM) Just did a google seach "kite calendar". The AKA calendar showed up #8 on the page. Now I see the problem, this is what you get if you do the same search in the UK. http://www.google.com/search?q=kite+calend...2006-22,GGGL:en Until Theresa posted above, I didn't realise she, or come to that, anyone else maintained a Kite Calendar other than the one I have been plugging. I think it has already been said that a large part or the problem is that what we do is very much a minority sport, there are not enough kite
  7. Ok Folks - Now you see what I mean....John Q. Public (the general public) has probably never been to a kite event or festival!!! (edit in the United States) And he will never buy expensive or higher end kites and equipment unless he sees it in action somewhere. (and preferably gets to fly one) I'm 48 YO - (I had never been to a kite festival [until recently] or seen high-end kites in action) I have always enjoyed flying kites (I've had a $40 dual line kite for years - I take it with me everywhere) I went to one kite festival - and I saw what high tech kites can do - (I got to fly one - Than
  8. Sweet car - whar is that? Hey, if no wind just fly from your car - tee hee
  9. Hi Theresa - I guess that is kinda my point. There are great forums out there with calendars and great info. But it is spread all over the place on the internet - and the General Public will never find it. We must figure out a way for the search engines to pick up this info. in a perfect world..... ***** Wouldn't it be nice if anyone could do a search for "Kites" - a website for World Map of Kite Events, Compititions and Fevestivals pops up - pick a region - month and year - and All of the events with those parameters popped up !!!***** Simple (in theory - lol) It could happen - Mike
  10. I know I haven't seen all the videos yet - but that has to be one of the great ones !!! You guys Rock - Thanks for sharing
  11. Thanks Everyone for the replies and posts UPDATE: I tried to post an event (WSIKF 2009 = Washington State International Kite Festival) to Rev and Kitelife forum calendars - I guess it is under review by the moderators. Event is not posted as of yet. Its a recurring event - but when I tried to post it, under recurring events there were no options like: "3rd week" in Aug. "Every Year". I know a lot people are probably really busy with AKA Nationals Event right now - (AKA = American Kitefliers Association). So after that event is over - I am going to contact more people about the issue. (he
  12. Lolly is the Bomb - She got my son & I hooked on Rev's. What a great ambassador for the sport of kiting. She is involved with all sorts of kiting stuff - just not Revs. She has a very special place in my heart..........gotta go now...........getting all teary eyed.............lump in throat........can't typw We love ya Lolly - forget about Dean's and everyone else's order, take the rest of the day off - and go Fly a Kite !!!! You deserve it - Your the best !!!! Your life long friends - Mike and Chase
  13. I fully understand John - As I mentioned before - I would be happy to volunteer my efforts and energy. Although I am not a Webmaster, I would certainly do what I could or what is needed to pull it off. (data entry, phone calls, monitoring, mailings, etc.) I would think after the page is set up - it would take a lot of manpower and time to make sure that planners of events in the Kiting World are notified of the new website. (I commend all the people that work so hard on this and other forums volunteering their skills, efforts and time.) Once the calendar website was established and well know
  14. Yeah Penny you are probably right - I have offered my services several times. I think letting the general public know about ALL kiting events should be a #1 priority for EVERYONE - fliers included. It will only serve to help us ALL in the long run. Good Morning BTW - Thanks for the reply
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