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  1. OK, next time I'm mounting one on my 2>4!
  2. The rest of the photos, hope I haven't reached my quota yet (hey, I'm hosting them myself, why the limit?) Try not to land here, Charlie Brown! Bunch of these guys! Kites ain't the only thing Ace builds out of sticks and canvas!
  3. Spent 5 perfect days at the beach last week, 10-20+ winds at the beach (Broke a spar on the new B-pro STD fade last day, guess it's back to the cookie jar for a mid and full vent!) and very low winds at camp, thanks to it being hidden by a large wall of sand dunes, and a lot of cranky little pine trees. No vehicles allowed on Oregon beaches, so only had to deal with the non-motorized obliviots, and not that many of them. Quite a change from our usual haunt at Ocean Shores, WA Anyway, the photos: Beach to ourselves Thursday and Friday Saturday/ Sunday Crowd Ace's RevII, with my fade in the background. Ace with his vintage 1.5 Speed series and a 20 mph blow
  4. Took my travel frame out and put my standard frame in the 2>4 last weekend at the beach, AND replaced the original bridal with a new one. Handeled like caca. didn't know if it was the frame or the lines, ended up adjusting the brake line as short as possible at both ends, then it flew like a champ.
  5. Can't keep a 1.5 and a 2>4 and a shockwave and a frosty adult beverage and a sandwich all in the air at the same time, only got two hands, have to rotate!
  6. Got the new B-Pro Std out for a spin. Sunny, windy, and hot on Saturday Of course Black Dog had to give it her blessing HVLEO (Hi-Velocity Low Earth Orbit) Obliviots had to drive through our remote location at least once, note tracks over my flipflops, two kite stakes, and 8 lines. When the fog rolls in or tired of the crowd, the secret swimming hole on the Humptulips river is usually a good bet, inland just enough to clear the fogbank that rolled in Sunday
  7. OMI (Obliviot Motorized Infantry) Thought I had the Obliviots figured out, took my siren/ megaphone along this weekend (SQUELCH WATCH OUT FOR THE KITE LINES) until a stealthy OMI approached under cover of my blind side and blew by without so much as a brake light! Note the tire tracks going over my flip flops, two kite stakes, and 8 lines. 5 feet from my sitting position lawn chair next to pick-up.
  8. I should say the wing spar was pulling past the sail on the outside, last post makes it sound like i have the frame on the wrong side!
  9. Flew with 50# 120's yesterday about 10++mph and handeled pretty good with the bottom bungees knotted about half length. Didnt think about the top bungees, look at them next time. Before tightening the sail was actually pulling right past the wing spar on the inside.
  10. Forgot the Canon's, but Ill snap a few with the camera phone and post them tomorrow, looks like it's shaping up to be a "A Day At The Beach" tomorrow at the beach! Thanks for the tips! Al
  11. L/E= leading edge. Sorry for the typing, smart phone. Is knotting the bungee a typical tune? I had the frame in my old sle andit seemed to center up prettyy good. Another thing i noticed was bridal on one side went inboard of the cap, the other one was outside. Made them both as in the photos, helped a little but the sail still wants to pull to the inside of the spar under load. Thanks again-- Al
  12. Is there a difference between the l/e tubes and the spar tubes on a race frame? I cant see any.
  13. Identical to the exp frame. What would be the max wind for this setup?
  14. I'm sure this is covered already but I'm on the beach with a smart phone and can barly see the screen... Brand new B pro std and race frame, sail seemed to twist around the spar at i would guess about 10 mph plus wind. Tighened the bungis, but hate messing with a brand new sail. Is it possible to much wind for that frame? Thanks-- Al (Ocean shores, WA)
  15. While in Mazatlan a young local, unhappy with the options of either a batman para sailer kite or a similar piece of crap and no kite store in Maz to speak of decided he had to have my old SLE after seeing my rudimentary (but artistic) performance with it! I took out the race frame, and not one who was ever accused of traveling lite, was lucky enough to have packed not one, but two sets of tomato stakes, one still in the package, extra handles, stake, etc. Started him, his pa, and another fellow that could help with the language barrier, what I consider to be the basics, the knot (Birds head?) one red mark, up, right, dos rojo down, etc... using my best Spanish (usually reserved for ordering beverages and dinner) and the other fellows best English we got through the connections, the careful unwinding of the line, the separating of the left and right, top and bottom, the set up of the kite, all new and wonderful stuff to all involved. The young man was quite patient, I'd guess around 10 or 12 years old, and lucky enough to have a good dad. had about an hour of practice, and then went through the careful routine of unhooking, separating, breaking down the kite, and winding the lines. Now I'm not claiming that the boy took it off and started doing loops, but he had several successful "Up a little, back down's" several cartwheel crashes into the sand, has two sets of a pretty durable frame, has access to the internet, knows of our website, and has enthusiastic dad. What else is needed to establish a REV Beach head in Mazatlan! OK, and now the rest of the story, I need a new sail for my race frame! What's the best way for a man on a budget to come up with a quality 1.5 sail? AL
  16. Taking the kites, dogs, frizbee, chuckit, camera and camper and heading out to Ocean Shores, WA for a few days. Staying at "Yesterdays" Look us up if your in the area, should be easy to spot. Al
  17. Thinking a pair of those big old wooden water skis might be cool with the blast, at the very least would scare the heck out of the swimmers and entertain the natives, have to figure a way to get a pair down here... Al(zimer)
  18. Not going to boor you all with another batch of mazatlan photos, probably all look the same as last year and the year before that.. Just one, had a good breeze yesterday...
  19. Funny thing is that when she does catch one, usually by hooking a line and draging it to the ground, she stops, waits for me to come and untangle the lines, very little if any damage, haven't even needed to brake out the ripstop tape yet, no broken race frame or anything. She's more in to the chase then the catch. When the kites are staked out she will "run and bump" to try to get one to play. I really need to turn her loose at the next big event, sure to make a few friends and terrify the rest!
  20. Stuck this up on youtube, first attempt at something like this, a little rough but fun. Kite stuff starts in about 20 -30 sec. Enjoy-- Al
  21. albroswift


    Hate to admit I dont know what ripstop tape is, sounds like I need some in my kit!
  22. albroswift


    Bummer about that. I have a dog that loves to chase kites, she doesn't try to damage them, but once in a while a misplaced paw / claw will punch a small hole. Looking forward to the fix. Hopefully it doesn't involve buying a new sail! Al
  23. Hey, Walt, good to hear. Know the feeling, being a contractor in the private sector, haven't had any real income in quite some time. Just gotta hang on sometimes. AL
  24. I've got to get this guy to write all my ebay descriptions!
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