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  1. hello Lolly!

    it was great to hear your voice !

    wow your little girl is already not that little... but i bet cuter then ever!

    wonderful age and great fun... (trust me, it gets better and better... Wen is 16 and still very wonderful and fun to be with... except he is not that often with me now he is onto all other things...LOL, it's all good).

    love and gratitu...

  2. wish4u2bu

    Ready for a forum upgrade now?

    i am with you now JB. it takes time for me to convert but after my hibernation, i am back. nothing wrong with "change", it is a way of evolution. knowing how much effort you put into the kitelife, and kiteworld in general, and since you are the one doing it all (holding the space for us to hangout and what not) you be the host. i am sure you have the best interest of the big picture in sight, lead. we voiced out our grumble just so you are not running too fast, and you heard us. then you think it over and still sure about your proposal, that's enough for me to convert. Love and gratitude. Litsong
  3. wish4u2bu

    K.A.P. by Ben

    Ha! Ben, the first one just made me smile... it seems that you are communicating with god via line-in messaging. and the one with everything, the ocean/lighting, the beach, palm trees and bushes people, kites and buildings..... is such a fluent shot.... this new toy thing seems ready, satisfying and fun. great perspectives.
  4. wish4u2bu

    Camas '09 Videos

    thank you so much for sharing, Tristan! for us who can't be there, love your choice of music and interpretation. under your tags, you typed "new project" what is that? just curious. Litsong
  5. wish4u2bu

    Happy Birthday Laura

    happy birthday Laura! all the way over here in Taiwan. Litsong hope these two video clips please you.
  6. wish4u2bu

    One Sky One World

    well, glad to know that someplace else the condition are more comfortable! we had a very wet kite festival in Taipei county for the past weekend (also OSOW) someone posted a video before i recover to make my uploading/editing Bell posted the pictures from that weekend... they did a great job (Team 8+)
  7. wish4u2bu

    I Have A Question For Everyone (re AKA)

    1.i am not currently 2. forget to renew the membership a couple of months ago. would do so after the busy weekend. i think it's good to have AKA in the world and i would renew the membership.
  8. wish4u2bu

    Celtic Rainbow Rev

    do you make anything for non-religious and still-alive people? smaller things with your art? just asking....
  9. wish4u2bu

    Coming to America!

    well, this sounds so odd--- to see TK leaving for good... but we are actually happy to know that you are happy together even if that means we will miss TK's joyful presence (and JB's coming to Asia) for at least a few years. it's all good. love Litsong
  10. wish4u2bu

    Happy Birthday

    live each day with a passion! hugs litsong
  11. wish4u2bu

    Forum upgrade pending...

    i am reluctant to say that i also struggled with the new format and gave up for some weeks... told ben that i hope this one doesn't get a make-over... the reason i am reluctant is that i am pretty sure you know what you are doing. honestly i felt a sense of lose not reading kitelife as the opening of my day... but the evolution is not always easy for everyone anyway. now i am back home, maybe i will have a better chance to bring the kitelife forum into my morning /night routine.
  12. wish4u2bu

    Uchinada 2008

    it was special in many ways for all involved. Felix and mike: we sang a lot of songs that night the one with all (+ karaoke), according to Wen is "bohemian rhapsody". thanks for bring out the fun memory!
  13. wish4u2bu


    say what?!
  14. wish4u2bu

    Special Raffle direct from Rev! SOLD OUT

    i was struggling with paypal this afternoon so i didn't finish the transaction... then i went out for the night. coming back to see i am too late! what a nice vibe! it's a good ouch kind of missing out. many hands make light work. group hug (via net) everyone. ps: the british hosts are known for their hospitality and else.
  15. wish4u2bu

    Happy Birthday Mousieo

    i can't believe you are not 36! say Connor is a handsome teenager, and you are such a wonderful mom... anyway, better, better and better. Love from RI Litsong