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  1. I haven't flown in a few years, but I'd be happy to fly with you once my son's baseball season winds down. I'm in Northville. I'd also support getting in touch with the Trennepohls' at Kites and Fun Things/Skyburner kites. They coordinate a group of fliers that are fairly active.
  2. Pete, Sounds like a LONG day. The weather never really cooperated today. We'll find another time. Andy
  3. Pete, I still cannot make it out yet as my son is not home yet (should be any time now). Depending on how you go home, and if you are still up for a last ditch attempt, you could swing by Northville and we could fly here. The sun came out and wind picked up slightly. Let me know. Andy
  4. Pete, I'm probably not going to make it out till about 6 PM. I might stretch it to 5 if I push things. I'm sorry to hear you are out there alone!!! I hope it wasn't a miscommunication on my end. It's raining here in Northville now, but has been on and off all day. If you are still up for flying, I'd love to join you. By the way, I PM'ed you with my cell number. Feel free to call. I'll be a bit more responsive than through the forum. Thanks, Andy
  5. Chris, Sorry to hear you won't be able to make it. We'll have to find another time. Pete, the only area I actually know is the demo field. Want to try there? I'll be out with my 8 year old son (yes, he can fly better than me....). We'll keep an eye out for your yellow hat! Andy
  6. Pete and Chris, Just checking if we are still on for flying 6/23 at Lyon Park. I'll try to be there about 6, weather permitting. It looks hit and miss. I'll have my teal and black B-series, and my son will probably be up with a black and red 1.5. Thanks, Andy
  7. Pete, I tried to touch base with him through the kitelife forum, but my account seems to be messed up and I cannot post (I just created a new account and it doesn't seem to be properly activated). A 16' kite is a handful and I don't think I'd want to try it as a first "big" kite. You may want to recommend to him to go out to Schoolcraft on a Wed as Jon and Wayne have been putting up some large ones, wind permitting, and I'm sure would be happy to help him out for the maiden launch. Are we still on for 6/23? I'm thinking we won't make it out there until about 6 pm. I am also not very familiar with the park other than my brief trip there for the kite festival a couple of weeks ago. Where do you want to meet? Thanks, Andy
  8. Pete, Your house is amazing! Your trim carpenters must have loved you. Let me know if you remove any decent sized trees as woodturning is my primary hobby (kites, well probably not a good thing to say on this forum, is secondary). I'm always looking to reclaim fresh cut logs into salad bowls, decorative bowls, and hollow forms, and I usually compensate the supplier with a few! For your Oak Savannah, are you replanting the oaks or clearing out around it to encourage oak growth? I'm trying to track down a couple of small white oaks for my yard and I'm striking out at local nursaries. Christianson's has a few, but they don't really like dealing with DIY'ers. I was wondering if you had a few tips. When I was driving in to work today, I looked over at the soccer fields on the north side of Geddes by Concordia College as a reasonable site not too far from you or where I work. If mornings are too early (9ish), lunch time or early afternoons on my way home may work as well. Let me know a date though as I'm not always in Ann Arbor during the week. Andy
  9. Pete, That's quite a setup you've got going there! I pulled up the sat images of the area and there looks like a pretty open field next door to you to the West. Is that not usable? Otherwise, you are right, there is a lot of forest all around. Andy
  10. Pete, I have an office in Ann Arbor (Hogback and Washtenaw) and pass by you fairly often . Some nice mornings, like today, I stop for an hour at Northville Community Park and fly. I have no attachment to that park other than it is on the way, and can stop by a closer field to you on the way if you want to fly in the mornings. -Andy
  11. Chris, When I fly at Schoolcraft, I'm normally out with my Widow Maker (Blue and Yellow, of course....). Unfortunately, my schedule prohibits me from flying there on a Wednesday until probably mid July. As for Lyon Twp Park, this week is tough for me, but my calendar says we are open the evenings of Tue and Thur of next week (6/21 and 6/23). Do either of those days work? Thanks, Andy
  12. Pete and Cgregurich73, I started a new thread for finding a time to fly in SE Mich.
  13. I wanted to start a new topic as "My son stole my Rev" was starting to get hi-jacked by us in SE Michigan. Pete and Cgregurich73, it sounds like we should find a time to fly. Jason and I don't normally fly at Lyon Twp Park, but we would be willing to meet up some time. We don't have a "normal" flying time, thanks to swimming, cub scouts, baseball, the random weather here, etc. We do try to make it out to SchoolCraft on Wed nights, but that looks like a show stopper for Pete. I'm open to suggestions. Are there any others in the area? Thanks, Andy
  14. Jon, Parallel story here... My son, also 8, stole my SLE and FORCED me to have to get a B-series. This worked out well as my wife would have had nothing to do with it if the idea came from me. The younger they are, the faster they tend to pick things up... I'm not sure how the winds are where you are, but Michigan winds are very light and variable. I went out and bought some light rods with a lot of flex to slow the kite down for him.
  15. Chris, My son and I recently started Rev flying as well. We are over in Northville. I'd be up for meeting halfway if you want to fly sometime (Brighton? Howell?). By the way, there is the Lyon Kite Festival this weekend in the Milford/South Lyon area if you are interested. I believe it is hosted by Jon Trennepohl, so it will be heavy in dual line sport kite flying. He typically does a very good job with these events though. We are planning on attending. Let me know if you want to go and I'll find a way meet you. Thanks, Andy
  16. He wanted to color the kite, but the silkspan doesn't hold marker well. After about a half hour in front of the fan, he was doing 90 deg hovers with the Rev 3.7 reasonably well. Took quite a bit of bridle adjustments. Trying to create a scale bridle was not fun. I do know that I am in a bit of trouble when he starts talking to my wife about Father's Day..... "Daddy really needs a Rev B-series. The B-series looks soooo cool. Besides, if he gets a B-series, I can have his 1.5 (cue the puppy dog eyes)" The manipulative little cutie.... He has already flown the bridle off of my Premier Wolf with a similar deal with my wife. Thanks, Andy
  17. Jynx, I think you actually met him. Were you the person up at Grand Haven helping Ben out at the learn to fly area? You hooked my son up with Ben for a quick lesson on Saturday. He has been obsessed with this ever since!
  18. Watty, Thanks. A bit too heavy still for windless, but it will do for the school project. I may revisit the microRev later with thinner silkspan and tiny carbon rods. The silkspan I used was a fairly heavy weight back leftover from model airplanes, and the bamboo reeds weren't even flexing. Thanks, Andy
  19. After spending some time with my 8 year old son teaching him how to fly my Rev 1.5 (yes, he does learn much faster than me!), he really wanted to do a home study project for school on the Revolution kite. He really wanted to bring my kite into school, and I wasn't thrilled with the idea. Instead, we built a 1/7 scale model of a 1.5, which makes I guess makes this a Rev 0.214. I'm sure this violates patent law, but it's for education and all in good fun. Kite was constructed from silkspan, bamboo reed, and scotch tape. Bridle and line from sewing thread. Anyone else have success with microRevs? The kite hovers quite well in front of a fan. Unfortunately, the fan produces too much of a point source and doesn't allow one to maneuver much before loosing the wind window. The 18" lineset also doesn't help. No racerods....
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