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  1. My original rods were really rough and marked my B series sail the first time I flew it. I fitted clear protective tape but hated the look and it attracted grit on the edges. I sat watching the TV in my shed and sanded both sets of rods that come with it with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper done wet and when completely dry sprayed them with a cheap clear coat from a rattle can. I did leave the area covered by the sticker as that was protecting the sail in that area anyway. They are now completely smooth and cause no wear at all. Incidentally they are no heavier either.
  2. Come on............. What sort of small tweaks are you hinting at? We all wan't a perfect bag. All my Revs live on the back seat of my 4 wheel drive, just in their sleeves. I need a good kite bag to tidy them up. Chook
  3. Chook

    Merry Christmas

    Have a good one guys and keep safe over the festive season. Cheers from down under. Chook
  4. I watched that twice........... Amazing. It has a really fantastic vibe to it. Well done. Cheers Chook
  5. ..Pre-hydrate. I whole heartedly agree. We are trained in this as a volunteer fire-fighter. As I get older though, I just seem to have to flush it out, all night.
  6. Hi it's Banana Boat "Sport" Sweat resistant. This one won't rub in as well though. It gives you a pasty sheen. As I said it does attract the grit, but is the only one I've had that will last all day. Being fair skinned, I've already had enough skin cancers removed. So I have to be on the ball, working outside all the time. Hope this helps, Chook
  7. Yeh an Akubra hat for me too. I use Banana Boat on a "daily basis" as well. I work outside teaching agriculture. It is the only sunscreen (4 hours in water) I've tried that will give you the protection in humid conditions. The others seem to be dissolved by sweat and I end up burnt. Banana Boat is my only choice when welding aluminium, as it safely protects skin that seems to catch all the welding reflections. Only down side is it's a little greasy and will attract some grit.
  8. I work as a Training officer at our local Agricultural College 3 days a week and work from home the other 2 days. Wife reckons I work from 8.00am, till 12 knots then go buggying. Fly kites, thats a given... I built a kite buggy and get out on my local beaches whenever I can. I build and sail landyachts. I'm the captain of our local volunteer bush fire brigade. I fly radio controlled helicopters, planes and slope soarers. I pistol shoot at our local club. I'm lucky enough to be a private pilot. Just too busy for a second childhood. I haven't finnished the first yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chook
  9. Chook


    Hi, I'm in Esperance WA. I've been flying for about 4 years and have never flown with another rev flier. Lots of fantastic places to fly and great winds here too. Chook
  10. Hey hey hey!!!! Merry Christmas from down under. Keep safe during the festive season and have one for me. Cheers Chook
  11. Chook

    Kite Stakes

    Maybe here? http://www.revkites....e-ground-stake/ Cheers Chook
  12. Yeh but only if you have a drill press. Clamp a flat piece of wood to the press table and use a large drill bit to start a hole. Drill just deep enough, so it's the full size/diameter of the bit or slightly more. Remove this drill bit and replace with the shaft size drill you need and pop your sphere on the hole and away you go. Set your depth stop and jobs done. I do dice the same way by just sitting them their corner. Keep smilin' Chook
  13. Yeh thanks Watty. I did the mod a few weeks back from the vid you made, many thanks. I cut the tops down to just below the holes as previously stated to end up the same length above the foam after mods. Just debured the bottoms before inserting plug and they work a treat. Have a safe festive season everyone. Cheers from down under.
  14. Chook


    Just a thought. That would be a great way to fly when the sun is in the wrong spot for the current wind conditions. You would then have your back to it. Geez now my head hurts. Keep smilin'
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