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  1. Some pictures from the Festival https://picasaweb.go...iteFestival2011# Hi Chris, shame you could not make it, the Quad area was not taped off this year !
  2. If I have misunderstood the email from Gill Bloom I apologize, I merely wished to clear up any confusion from thing's being refered to as Rev arena/Rev field, as far as I am aware this was not the case last year when I thought it was a quad area due to a variety of kites being flown, unfortunately when walking around the festival on the Sunday I met a gentleman called Michael who was flying a Skydancer in and around a number of small single line kites in the public area, when I suggested that he may have a more enjoyable time flying in the quad area, he said he had asked a Rev flyer if it was ok for him to set up in our area when he first arrived but was told it was for Rev kites only on 120's, I thought this was a shame particuarly as he went on to say that he had also recently brought a Rev SLE but had not brought it with him as he thought people would like to see something different.
  3. I assumed that the re - post clarifying the use of the arena would have been on the forum as that was where the " Rev arena " post originated, a number of flyers who saw that confusing post do not use facebook or twitter including myself, that is why I asked the Kite Society for clarification to save any confusion on the day as I was not sure if the word " Rev " was being used as a generic term for all types of quad kite or not
  4. I was not aware there was an " us " and you I thought we all flew quad kites, so to whom does the " us " apply, is it those that fly Rev's ( I have eight Rev's in my bag ) or those that are in a team ( I fly in a kite team ) or those that have flown in a mega team ( I have flown in mega teams at Portsmouth since 2008 and other festivals ) so am I ok to assume that I am an " us " as well as a you ( not sure what a you is ? ) or is it that I come from East Anglia and you probably think we all have four fingers and two thumbs on each hand which is why you think we need more space in which case do I need a separate arena being a country bumpkin ? ps just counted four fingers one thumb on each hand !
  5. Following a post by Mr Mottram on another part of the forum stating that the Quad Arena at the Portsmouth Festival was a Rev arena, I sought clarification from the Kite Society as this was not the case at last year's festival, they replied and said that they would ask Mr Mottram to re-post ( as he put up the original post ) with regard to the use of the arena and the proposed Mega Fly, six days have passed and for whatever reason no post as far as I am aware has been put up, so to clarify thing's as the festival is fast approaching and folk will be wanting to finalize their plan's here is the reply I received from the Kite Society in answer to my original question. " The intention for the Mega Team is for Revolution kites to be flown only - this is what Felix means. Obviously other kites - like Sky Dancers, Home Made Quads etc can be flown and are more than welcome. The reasoning behind the Mega Fly limitation is that it is very difficult to have a successful fly of the grid system with different types of kite. " The kite Society.
  6. I too prefer heavier handles, probably because that is what I have always used, but I have treated myself to a pair of No snag handles from Baz and have to say they are terrific, especially when the wind is light and you need a bit more "feel" plus he was able to do them with Purple foams that matched my new purple Rev
  7. I have had a Rev1 for some time now with the standard 1/2" leading edge, although I did fly it, it did not have the same pleasurable flying experiance as say a 1.5 B series, although the 1/2" SLE does mean it is great in bumpy winds even around the 30mph mark as it is able to cope with big gusts of wind without rapidly surging off, I recently purchased a 1/4" 4 wrap leading edge for it and have been very pleasantly surprised at how it fly's, feels just like a big 1.5 so it now comes out of the bag much more often, the reason for going for the 4 wrap frame is that to keep a low wind performance the efficiency of the sail needs to be maintained so a stiffer frame helps with this as it prevents the leading edge taking to much of a curve, I have not flown a Zen so cannot comment on it's performance, hope this is of help.
  8. Colin

    Fine Tuning

    If you are using the handle's together and launching the kite method to check for discrepancies in line length, it is a good idea to have the kite directly down wind from you, if not the wind will tend to steer the kite to left or right, this could make you think you need to adjust something that does not need adjusting.
  9. Having a difference between the top and bottom line length's can in some circumstances be beneficial, if you find you have run out of adjustment on the top lines you can get the extra adjustment needed by swapping top to bottom and vice versa as the bottom lines if always used on the brake lines will generally be shorter than the top's, this probably depends on the quality of your line set and therefore how much they stretch/creep, as John said you just need to make sure left and right are the same length.
  10. Oh dear, another one to add for me a Purple/Black full vent B Series, I blame my boss at work for some damn silly reason he gave me a bonus, so what is a guy to do !!!!!
  11. Colin

    Berck 2011

    The now sadly ex dinosaur was on a tour of the UK and before it spontaneously combusted and was due to visit Colchester next, there has been talk locally of a Colchester Art group funding another, so it may yet rise from the ashes.
  12. Colin

    Berck 2011

    From recent experience accommodation IN Portsmouth is not that easy to come by either for those wishing to attend the festival as Daz will testify, probably because it is a bank holiday weekend, plus Portsmouth is very dependant on wind direction, if anyone is looking for a large open space to try and get a lot of kites in the air in the Uk I will throw Rougham Airfield's name into the ring, the local flying site of the Suffolk Kite Flyers, as people are probably aware the festival is not going ahead this year but from reading their forum they are looking to be back in 2012 " bigger and better" and are looking for idea's for something different to freshen thing's up, just a suggestion I have no connection to either.
  13. You have the making's of being an accomplished flyer, the next thing to think about maybe, is slowing down the forward flight speed by applying a bit more brake by pushing the thumbs forward a small amount, this should help the transition into the hover's, as for being a bit of an agrophobic remember you are never alone flying a Rev as somewhere in the world someone else will be flying with you.
  14. Colin


    Does anyone have any experience of waterproofing a Rev sail ? the reason for the question is this, it is now Autumn/Winter in the UK and it tend's to be a bit wet and after the sail has been laid on wet grass for a while or flown in the rain/damp condition's it get's heavier through water absorption and I was wondering if treating it with the type of spray on water treatment used to waterproof tent's or silcone spray would be beneficial, it may also help to shed water if the kite is flown into the sea or rivers etc ? this is not to much of an issue in the Summer if you get caught out by a shower of rain as the sail dry's fairly quickly when flown in warm air, unfortunatley we won't be having any warm air for a while in the Uk.
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