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  1. Thanks all, My first experience w/ my B included six immediated launch and crash loops but slowly I got the hang of it. That is to say I was able to launch it and land it softly. Suffice to say this thing is amazing, as my experience is with dual line kites I've never been able to land a kite in any kind of wind anywhere near the center of the window - the Rev allows you total control of the sail (once you learn to control) and the recoveries were a lot easier than just about ant dual line recovery. I can tell this is the beginning of a long relationship.
  2. Just wanted to thank you for your advice I could relate to. I've operated track vehicles and knowing that ahead of time helped get control of my kite a little faster. After the first 1/2 dozen launches came six quick crashes.. but the things fot better. While I realize I have a long ways to go I was really impressed with thr Rev.
  3. ALright, I am so psyched. Just took delivery of brand new B series - I cant wait till tomorow. I've never flown a quad. Have been flying two line kites. I'm not setting real high expectations for myself but after watching B series video I feel much better prepared. Hopefully just won't break anything! I live in Florida, 50 minutes from the beach (if I'm going flying it seems like 30!) Annybody w/ any words of wisdom for me before my maiden flight - I'm all ears.
  4. Thanks to everyone - what an awesome place for info.
  5. Thanks All, I have no problem learning from all of your experiences and help myself avoid making a poor move, but, I have what will obviously be a dumb question - What exactly is a "B" series?... I cant seem to find it on the web site. I see there is a JB series of the 1.5SLE, is that what your talking about?
  6. Thanks, the more I read the more it sounds like thats the case. I'm thinking either a 1.5 SLE or the JB series (only cause it looks like you get more kite possibilties w/ that kit.
  7. I've all but convinced myself that a 1.5 SLE is probably a good starting point, but I cant overlook the fact that the Blast is SO BIG and looks like it really would be a blast. Is the blast more for traction sports (which I'm not into) or can it be a recreational kite as well?
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