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    Video/Filming of kites and people. Photography, Graphic Art.<br /> Intent - to be the "Warren Miller" of kiting world.<br /><br />Maybe come up with a unique and powerful kite festival a couple of more times.<br /><br />
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  1. Please don't be upset I do my very best so buy the rest of these and lets get this one in the past..... Ben Hey Ben I came into this a little late. I need more info please.
  2. HUMMMM... I am working until 2:30pm ... ;-(
  3. yea I know but I could not help myself.... ;-)
  4. If the AKA had a better web outreach there might be a lot more web-savvy members, and perhaps younger members at that. (No offense, I recently became eligible for an AARP card myself, but I think we need more younger members--a lot more) Uh Oh ....... he said "young people" ......... now that's an OLD can of worms...
  5. Ok so I was going down this road too and thought that I would have company with at least John B. Just did not want to type so damn much. Any who as I posted before on this topic, AKA needs to catch up with the rest of the world. @John, AMEN brother! Amen! To add on, many of the great kite people are leaving the earth and we are missing the chance to interview them on kites and the lives they lived with kites. I could see full kite making instruction online. I can see full recorded coverage of some of the biggest and even small intriguing kite festivals around the globe. What would it cost ? Not sure, but I can tell you a few short years ago we could not even consider it. And now (like any other websites) if you can produce traffic you can get sponsors. WEB = global John is dead on about pirating. LOL we should pray people want kiting info so bad they would steal it!! On this point a a rap artist named 50 Cent said when his new album came out a few years ago " get my music anyway you can, down load, copy it, what ever " . Why? Because he gets paid more for the concerts, sponsors, and being put on merchandise etc... the music media is the path not the destination. Likewise spread kiting with the new tools and options. Its hard to be passive when everyone is trying to get our attention 24/7. Ever watch the show "Overhaulin"? @John REVGILD huh? Insurance? 15% off? What took me so long to sign up? Link please.
  6. Hi Barbara, I am not sure if we met before? In any case, much of the brain storming that has been going seems to be moving in a direction that (IMHO) the AKA may need to rethink its whole approach on how it uses media to connect to the people on the planet. All media is in a state of flux, form how its made, used, and delivered. if you want, we could talk on the phone about it. To much for me to type and express online. Thanks
  7. Ok so I am member and have been as soon as I discovered it. I think if you can apply logic that everything is connected many times in paths and networks, you can see that if you own and even made a kite, then the AKA is some how has genetically touched it more then likely. Which means even if we did not have insurance, magazine, and sanctioning, it would still be very valuable if only a bunch of fliers get together once a year and compare notes and show off. Any kitefler would eventually benefit from it. by the way, the mag is pretty damn good compared to the earlier years. And of course you could compare it to all the other kite mags (excluding power kites). just trying to put another perspective on the subject that is positive. As I tell my daughter all the time " its easy to find the negatives". kj
  8. Wow Very Very good line up! Even that short kid was in it? Whats his name Lee? ;-) Would have loved to that bunch in that wind range. Sorry about the leg Jeff. Di d you get the guys to sign it? Kurtis
  9. Since I am on line and doin nothing I'll give a little. besides you getting what you pay for. The LPG is slick, less friction is important when rapping 4 lines or more. In the past I new guys that would use silicone on the lines just to max out the slippery side. Not recommended for long term use no doubt. I am not going to dis other lines. And before all the rev craze dualiners have been big lazer pro users. And I am talking about competitive flying, so its tried and true. Hope that helps.
  10. Hey the Jig Board would be pretty good too. A video with this info could take people to another level of flying. Hummm thinking ..... :: smoke from ears starting to curl :::::
  11. Geez... I have done this before and probably never the same way twice. And reading all the above has my head spinning. It must be crazy for new-bees to read. No disrespect. In fact it really says something positive about the sport when so many people will sit down and take time to write so much. If it has not been done maybe its time a video how to could be made. After all the lines are the critical part of quad.
  12. The one from the raffle Greg Kono kites
  13. Gee I sure hope you can find some with a camera. Not to many around now a days that can shoot and know a little about kites huh?
  14. Hey Wow, !? Thanks guys! humm Hanging the kite up on the wall? We are suppose to fly them?
  15. Yea.... that wood be sweet. I have not seen the flame or skin ones yet.
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