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  1. Ben, I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time. I understand both why you desire to have the surgery; as well as, not wanting to do it at all due to the fear of being worse off. As for Motrin and most other pain medications, they're simply hard on the body long term. I know when I was facing back surgery, it simply came to the point that I could not take the pain anymore and not being able to function; so I had the surgery knowing that I could wake up worse than I was with the alternative possibility of being pain free after a while. I'm happy to say that my results have been very successful. No one can make the decision for you; just know that support is always around you and that we wish you the best. Warmest regards, Sarah
  2. Ben, Thank you very much. It's amazing how fast the year goes by; hopefully, Glenn and I will be able to meet you in person some day. We definitely appreciate the great toys . Best regards, Sarah
  3. John, Thanks! Are you ready for WSIKF? Sincerely, Sarah
  4. Hi Everyone ! Thank you for your warm wishes. I appreciate your kind thoughts. As for flying, that was in my dreams because I work the night shift and am in crunch time for school. Hopefully soon I'll be able to hit the fields for some good air time. I look forward to seeing you all - hopefully sooner than later . May you all have a great weekend. Warmest regards, Sarah
  5. Since there has been interest in prevention, I would suggest incorporating body mechanics and proper stretching techniques (specific for flyers) in the video. Cheers! Sarah
  6. Sorry we missed you Bazzer. Traffic was exceptional - even for the commuter lane. I plan to be out there again tomorrow, hopefully I'll see you and Kim there. Best regards, Sarah
  7. Today Glenn and I spent our Thanksgiving at Chambers (Kite Henge as we now call it ). We even broke out our vented B's as the winds were constant and at about 15 - 20 mph. We stayed long enough to also have a bit of night flying time as there are no daylight hour restrictions and little light polution (bring a flashlight). We hope that everyone had as great of a Thanksgiving Day as we did. Sincerely, Sarah
  8. Oracle

    sore muscles

    The stretch is to be performed one leg at a time. This makes it easier, isolates muscles without creating compensation, and limits tension placed on your low back. I stretch throughout the day and if anything, people are intrigued with what you are doing and why you are doing it: prevention, relaxation, flexibility, and balancing the body. There are many ethos on stretching technique and durations, especially for when preparing for sports, martial arts, yoga, and more. The stretching that I have described is focused upon having the muscles relax and lengthen, hence the 20 - 30 sec. rule. You also do not want to bounce, or contract/ relax during this stretch. You just want to be able to comfortably hold it for the duration stated. I know that if you start incorporating the stretches you will notice a difference. Ideally, if you are experiencing this much tension, I have clients stretching 9 times a day. I know that it sounds like a lot, but if you split it up throughout the day: 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, and 3 in the evening your good. Let me know how things go or if you need modifications. Sincerely, Sarah
  9. Oracle

    sore muscles

    When ever you are straining your body or performing repetitive motions over a period of time it is always good to have the habit of taking a break and stretching. Stretches for warm-up and preparing the body you generally are only holding the stretch approx. 5 seconds and or performing active range of motion which most of the postings are describing that I have read. For what you are describing, it will be important for you to stretch your pectoralis major/ minor muscles, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and anterior serratus. The following stretches I'll be describing will address all of these muscle groups. Note: do not be aggressive with these stretches- more is not better! It's best to go into the stretch sslloowwllyy, that way you are paying attention to how your body is responding. I found that it is best to hold the stretch 20 - 30 seconds with 3 reps, alternating the stretch for each side of the body if applicable (for a total of 6 stretches). This helps to relax and balance the body while increasing flexibility. If you hold the stretch for less than 15 seconds, your muscles are not going to get the full benefit of the stretch and the objective will not be met. Stretch for your Pecs: Stand next to a wall/ tree/ or vehicle to where you are parallel to it and you can rest your elbow against it comfortably. Your forearm will be vertical and hand should also be comfortably resting on the wall. Your upper arm should be at the same height as your shoulder and your elbow on the wall should be aligned with your shoulder (not in front of your shoulder or behind it). At this point your back is neutral, also take note of your feet - they should be parallel to the wall. Slightly rotate your feet away from the wall to a 20 degree angle - this prevents any hyperextension of the lower back. Then simply rotate your upper body away from the wall. This stretch specifically targets the pec muscles and prevents rotation of the shoulder that would intern access the anterior deltoid muscle. When performed correctly, you will notice that your spine/ back is in alignment, the stretch will be comfortable. For your Latissimus dorsi, anterior serratus, and upper trapezius: Stand and face the wall while being about a step (24 - 30 inches) away from it. Place your hands on the wall and above your head, your arms should be straight and not locked. As you slowly lean into the wall, arch your back slowly by bending at the hip so you can look up towards the ceiling. You should feel a nice extension and lengthening of your spine. If your legs are straight and you are leaning in with your hips with the bend beginning at your ankles, stop, and begin again with the bend starting at the hip. If you're at a field, you can get down on your knees and walk your hands out to where you are on all fours and sit back slowly. This becomes "child's pose" in yoga. As for your calf muscle, the best stretch that I can recommend that not only goes into your calf muscle (gastrocnemius/ and soleus), it also goes into your hamstrings and glutes. This is important as it addresses the entire muscle group and stretches your sciatic nerve; plus, it loosens your hips - this is a good thing. For this stretch all you need is a belt, rope, or towel. When you are lying on the ground/ floor/ bed/, simply lasso your foot through the arch of your foot and slowly pull your foot up towards the ceiling/ sky. Keep your leg straight and knee soft, not locked. You want to be able to hold this stretch comfortably for 20 - 30 seconds; if you find that the stretch is becoming too much, just lower your leg to where it is more comfortable. If it's painful: stop. For more information, tips, stretching modifications, please send me an email. Warmest regards, Sarah
  10. Today was amazing, unlike the usual inland wind and weather for the Seattle area - so un-monsoon like. Bazzer, thanks for initiating the Rev gathering today. I'm glad that you are enjoying your new kite stake :0). Walt, Mona, and Kim, it was a pleasure to meet you all and I hope to see you again soon. Walt, next time we fly, I'll show you some stretches which will prevent kite flying aches and pains. This too is a sport and its important to know how to take care of yourself; plus, thinking about body awareness and body mechanics too. Best regards, Sarah
  11. This photo was captured during sunset on Kite Hill in Seattle, WA. Boomzilla and I were testing flight with 25 ft. lines and 0 - low winds.
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