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  1. now that is just really cool. Congratulations to you both! Bill
  2. A passerby upon watching me do some slack line stuff on my dual lines: "I'll tell ya your problem there. You need a tail on that thing." I just smiled and replied, "yeah, you're probably right." One guy watching my Rev asked: "how high will that thing go?" I replied, "oh, I dunno, about the length of the lines I guess." (what I really wanted to say was, "about as high as you dude", but it struck me funny, so instinct didn't win). Bill
  3. thank you JB, appreciate that! Yes Aero, they so rocked! You know it's not the old band with brothers and sister, but the new band is really good, even another lead guitar player playing slide, he and Mato would trade off, and a keyboard player..good stuff. Bill
  4. hey, thank you all very much! I took Friday off from work and went to a nearby town to catch my favorite native blues band, Indigenous. Did they ever rock the house! I appreciate the well wishes! Bill
  5. hey Ben, you passed those handles over to me after a quick lesson, thanx brother! Bill
  6. I've been thinking about getting some good kite reading material when I'm not on a forum, good timing. Bill
  7. thanks brother Gemini...I knew there was something about you I liked, just couldn't put a finger on it, now I know. Have a good one. Bill
  8. this has turned into quite a learning thread for me, glad I started it. John, I don't sail, but coming from the dual line world, I relate all this to light wind flying with either my UL's or SUL's, generating lift and momentum with either walking backwards or gentle pumping of the arms. I think all the light wind dual line flying I've done has helped me for the lighter grip on the handles as a beginner quad flier, the finesse involved in light wind flying. I think I'm getting the general idea of your handle setup with more brake and how you compensate with forward and backward movement, and as it all relates to light and heavy wind. Good stuff, thanks! Bill
  9. Happy B-Day JB! Mine is tomorrow, just two days before you. Have a good one! Wish I was still 33, enjoy! Bill
  10. I get the same thing from Kitelife, and the IQuad site is completely down, at least for me, so I suspect maybe it is actually a website construction issue of some sort. Bill
  11. Bibi, while it seems it could be as easy and simple as this and that, it really isn't, but what's the fun in being able to be a pro right off the bat? I recently got a B series standard, and while it seems my very first flight went better than the subsequent next few, I'm having fun working with hovers at the moment, and have got about half a side slide so far. Launching and turning is a piece of cake, but past that, finding your balance points, a little more to it, not to mention reverse flight. Just have fun and don't get frustrated. It's like I always say, if it ain't fun, then it's work....and I do enough of that at work. Have fun! Bill
  12. interesting to note there IS a way to launch from the position I described, if my line lenghts are right and I want to take the chance, but at least...there is a way. Good responses. Bill
  13. I'm sure we could rig up springs in those skates so you could fly up in the air, much more dramatic than tippy toes. I could tell there had been a change in techniques from watching the B series DVD as compared to the original instructional video, even simple turns look really different now, not to mention everything else that's obviously progressed. Good stuff! Bill
  14. thanks John, I think I absorbed some of it, I see lots of pumping on the way back, and making up ground moving forward. I'll experiment and get back with you. You certainly aren't a paperweight there, ever think about using roller skates? Bill
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