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  1. I've been enjoying my Zen so much I didnt have time to take photo's when it first arrived.... So, here it is , dawn Kingston Beach , Tasmania, Australia cheers Steve PS: Thanks Theresa and Bazza !
  2. Lovely kites ! I'm glad I've got my Zen order in, can't wait to try one down under.. cheers steve
  3. I had a "Super" Blast that was a genuine Rev. I understand that when they were first produced they carried the"Super" Blast name but it was soon changed over to "Power" Blast. Great kites for low wind precision, floats and for puling hard in higher winds (I used one in a buggy for quite a while - great upwind performance). cheers steve
  4. For me down under , add 3..... 1 x B Series Vented (Lime) 1 x B Series Standard (Purple) with race rods 1 x Zen (green) on the way cheers steve
  5. Jawnee, The 2-4 is an awsome kite. As has been said, great for light winds (fantastic float)... However I use mine for buggying. What I love is that the upwind performance is far better than a foil, enabling me to point very high in the wind. It performs best for buggying in the 15-20 kph wind range (not sure what that it is mph). It's very safe - as I can "switch off" the power quickly, yet let it stay in the sky in a stall, ready to turn on the power again. I haven't had many OBE's (Out of Buggy Experiences) with the Rev.... Only hastle, is if I crash it and it goes flat on the ground in light winds I need to leave the buggy and go and set the kite up again to relaunch (tends not to be a problem in higher winds as I can flick it up and the wind picks it up again). Enjoy Steve
  6. This community spirit is what I have always loved about kiting. I gladly have loaned dual lines, Rev's, spare parts etc to assist people get into the sport - or encouraged people to spend some time with one of my kites first before they purchase it off me to ensure that it is what they are really after and it suits them. (Actually my HQ SPirit Quad and one of my 1.5's is doing the rounds in the kite club at the moment - more budding quaddies!!). Likewise I have also been loaned parts and kites to try from various parts of Australia before purchases. When I started there was only me that I knew of in Tasmania - so I had to purchase and try...If only I could have tried things out and got some advice along the way... Luckily now there are a number of us, who get on well and enjoy flying together and are happily willing to loan out gear etc to help each other out. cheers steve
  7. Hey Alex, crazy price eh!!!!! steve
  8. Man they're nice........and look at the Australian dollar now [email protected]#$
  9. "....and now for the 9 oclock news.... ....today 2 kite flyers in Tasmania were found dead on a flying field. .......Police suspect foul play, as witenesses saw two rougue Revolution Blasts leaving the scene together..... .....Police would like to interview the two Blasts ...as they are considered kites of interest..... ..the public is warned that if they see the two Blasts not to approach them, as they are considered dangerous.........."
  10. :-) just keep the expectations down!!!!!!!!! With my ability on the Blast I have every chance of causing serious injury to my Blast flying partner!!!!!!!!! :-)
  11. Wow bad luck. Glad your sail didn't get damaged. Boy, I regularly fly my Blast in high winds and it gets plenty of flex ! - maybe I have been getting too close to the limits of the kite !! Hey I notice that you are in Tasmania also ! I'll send you a PM maybe we can catch up for a fly! cheers steve (in Hobart).
  12. Lolly is great, The service and advice she provided to me over the last couple of weeks has been outstanding ! Thanks again Lolly ! cheers steve :-)
  13. very enjoyable photo ! Nice to get an idea (from all the way over here) what everyone looks like...... ........well, I may not recognise EVERONE if I saw them in real life.........(depending on the direction they were facing!!!!). cheers steve :-)
  14. So for I have been flying my 2007 model 1.5 SLE with the SLE frame and at times the SUL frame. Yesterday, I finally received the EXP leading edge I ordered and replaced the SLE leading edge with the EXP (leaving the 3 wrap spars in place). I must say it made a huge difference both in bottom end wind range and controllability. Thanks to everyone who reccomended it. I guess that with hindsight I should have gone directly to the B-series purchase, rather than the second hand 1.5 SLE, + SUL frame + EXP leading edge purchase....... But, now I have got what I have got - I am actually very happy with this sail and my various frame options....... Now, mid vent would be good as I have noticed that in higher winds (even with the SLE leading edge) the kite has a lot of pull and is more difficult to do precise moves with (eg: stop start rotations).... Hey, maybe when I get a few more dollars!! I have been flying my revs now exclusively for around 2 months now......I have this fear that my dual line skills are dropping off.....too many kites, not enough time....!! Having great fun with Revs though - now all I need is another person down here who flys them....... cheers steve
  15. A similar theme........I bought a Supersonic off John B recently ...... I'm sure it's faulty....it doesn't fly like the iQuad DVD......maybe he takes returns.......... Steve :-)
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