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  1. The promotion was temporarily suspended due to technical difficulties. It's working again, at 25% off. Just go to live.com and search for "wii". You will see the 25% off EBay link. I just tried it and it's working again. -Darin
  2. It's very possible it's only a US deal. I think I read somewhere about people in the UK having to find a friend in the US to help them out.... -Darin
  3. Yes, down to 25%. It has been at 30% for about 10 days. Before that it was 20%. Maybe they are losing too much money. :confused!: -Darin
  4. live.com is Microsoft's search engine: http://msftandthefuture.spaces.live.com/bl...!1660.entry So I guess Microsoft has money to burn... This deal has been going on and off since the spring, I think. The percentage discount also changes. When I first found it it was 20%. Earlier in the year it went as high as 35%. It's been at 30% for a couple weeks. It's definitely for real since people have gotten their money from the auctions from May and June. There have been some problems, so you have to stay on top of it. But they seem to respond to e-mails and fix the problems. I have e-mailed them about missing transactions and they have fixed them. They even e-mailed me back to make sure everything was OK without me prompting them. Amazing for someone from Microsoft! It does seem too good to be true. People have been pushing the limits by buying things on EBay and then selling them on EBay and getting the rebate. It actually appears that that is legal according to their terms. You also have a limit of 12 Cashback transactions per EBay account. Good luck! -Darin
  5. Congrats Jim! You have 60 minutes, not 60 seconds. But like I said before, if the time expires, you can just start over and go to live.com again to get the 30% discount back. I don't think that's true. I signed up my sister-in-law for everything from scratch and it worked. I signed her up for live.com; paypal.com; and ebay.com at the same time and it all worked without a hitch. It definitely works. I have close to $600 in rebates for various things on EBay. The hardest part is waiting the 60 days to get your money. -Darin
  6. Dave, If you really want to sell some Rev's, put some Rev Pro's on EBay with Buy It Now and tell everyone how to get them for 30% off! A win-win situation for sure. -Darin
  7. Dave, That's the beauty of the offer. It costs you nothing, but your customers get 30% off! How cool is that. Microsoft/EBay/PayPal pays the bill not you. BTW, can you put up an auction with a Blue B series, mid-vent, race rods and a line set? I'll buy it right away. -Darin P.S. Can I use my commission from all your EBay sales to pay for the Rev? It will be interesting to see how many Rev's you sell since you're the only one on EBay selling them.
  8. I wish I had the cash to buy one right now... Microsoft is offering a 30% rebate on any Buy It Now auction on EBay when you use PayPal. See this post for how to get the 30% discount: http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?t=962601 Once you see the 30% discount banner on EBay, then find a Rev to buy. Use Buy IT Now and you have to pay with PayPal. You have 60 minutes form the time you see the 30% off banner to buy the item. If you wait longer than 60 minutes, just go back to the live.com site and "pick up" another 30% banner. It's a bit of a pain and you don't get your rebate for at least 60 days, but it's worth saving almost $100 on a Rev. B series. -Darin (Kite Connection seems like the only company selling new Rev's on EBay)
  9. Hi John, Happy belated birthday. I just signed up so please put my name in the hat if it's not too late! Thanks, -Darin
  10. Hi John, Yes, I saw all those amazing Revs! You know I'm kind of an introvert and I was so busy getting my daughter's kite going and mine that I didn't even introduce myself to everyone. I'll be sure to do that next time around. That was my daughter that Ben gave the souvenir to. My daughter had the best time ever. Now all she asks me is when we can go kite flying again. And then she started asking if there are any kite festivals that are local enough for me to take her. She's definitely hooked. So how old should she be before I can get her a Rev? -Darin
  11. Since the San Diego Kite Club meeting was today, I decided to take my brand new B series Rev out for it's maiden voyage in decent wind at their meeting site in Mission Bay. Although I have had it out flying a couple times, today was the first time I had any kind of wind to really get the feel for flying a Rev. Everything is going great and I am getting the hang of it, then all of a sudden my Rev lands funny with slack on the lines and the wind somehow pulls half the kite back and snaps the leading edge spar! It was the middle spar of my 3-wrap rods that just snapped. Ron, form the san Diego Kite Club comes running over after seeing my Rev flailing in the wind. With his help, he pulled the broken spar out and then says, "Hang on, let's see if we can do something about this." and runs off back to their gear bags. In the meantime I am a little perplexed as to what he might be doing. I am thinking that the wind is probably too strong to put my 2 wrap frame in and that I am done for the day. I am also figuring I have to go to the kite store to replace the rod. A few minutes later, Ron comes running back with a brand new rod! He installs it for me and gets me back up and flying. It ends up Ben, from Revolution was there too and Ron was kind enough to ask him if he could help out a newbie flyer. He said sure and told Ron he could pull a replacement rod from his bag. I couldn't believe it! I was SO grateful. I mean, these guys don't know me at all. They have never met me before and here they are helping me out AND giving me a replacement rod. I tried to offer to pay Ben for the rod , but he said no. And then they invite me and my 8 year old daughter for pizza and sodas. I just wanted to publicly thank both Ron and Ben for all their help. Then as my daughter was packing up her kite, Ben came over and gave her a souvenir flag from the Japanese Wordl Kite Festival. She was SO happy! Thanks again and I owe you guys big time. You weren't kidding about kite flyers being good people. -Darin Fong
  12. WOW! Congratulations! It's beautiful. I can't believe the story. Time to spray it with dog repellent... Have fun flying it. -Darin
  13. I just got my first Rev a few days ago. I've never flown a quad before either. I was able to get in two short flying sessions so far. Here's what I learned: 1) Measure your lines and make sure they're all the same length. having never flown one before, I had no idea how much was operator error or kite/line problems. 2) Read all the posts about tangled lines! I got really frustrated both sessions spending more time untangling than flying. Even though I watched the DVD, Mr. B makes it sound like you just tug on the lines and all the tangles come out. Not so for me! the first try setting up the lines, the pairs of lines from the kite shop were not tied together so everything was a tangled mess when I unravelled the lines off the winder. After I was done, I thought I was careful winding the lines back up and tying the pairs together so they wouldn't get tangled. Well, I go out today and for some reason the lines are all tangled again. Once again another frustrating time untangling the lines. I have since read all the trheads I can find about winding the lines and I think I understand now. I might even go and buy another winder for now so I can just put one set on each winder. Hopefully tomorrow at the San Diego Kite Club meeting, someone can help me figure out what I am doing wrong. Have fun flying. Once I did get the kite up in the air, it was a lot easier than I expected. The wind was not steady, but I still had fun during the few gusts of wind. -Darin
  14. Walt, I can understand the agony of waiting once you've decided to take the plunge. I ordered mine from awindofchange.com (I assume it's OK to mention vendors in this forum?). I ordered it Monday evening (6/9) and they called me on Tuesday to tell me they were out of stock but they would have the factory drop ship it to me directly. So, since I am lucky enough to live 20 miles away from the factory, my kite arrived today. But since they still sent my lines from Vegas, those won't arrive until tomorrow. I am not sure if other vendors can do this or they have some connection to the factory, but you might ask the vendor you ordered from if they can do the same. Personally I wouldn't have a problem canceling my order. I think you gave them a chance. Good luck. A few more days of waiting isn't much compared to they years of fun flying it! -Darin
  15. I recently had the priviledge of photographing a Marine coming home to see his son for the first time. Here's the story: http://www.fongphotography.com/blog/?p=60 Here's the link to the photos: http://www.fongphotography.com/photos/bullhomecoming What a great experience! -Darin
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