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  1. dkovacs65

    Indoor Rev

    Pictures! Pictures!..... when you get it So cool.
  2. dkovacs65

    Another Newbie here....

    Lom, nice to hear you're having fun. Inverted practice..... start with the kite on the ground inverted.... reverse launch up to about 6-8 ft., hold steady, slowly land inverted, repeat....
  3. dkovacs65

    Another Newbie here....

    We met up after work. Yea, we work at the same place. He actually has a B 1.5 standard , not the B2. Winds started a bit light, then come up and steadier. He was up and flying in no time. Reverse landings too. Still smiling, probably. Welcome to the Rev family!
  4. dkovacs65

    Another Newbie here....

    Well how about that, I work at Emerson too. I'll be in touch...
  5. dkovacs65

    Another Newbie here....

    Hello Lom, I would be glad to help you. I work in Sidney and leave at 4:30-4:45p. If you are south of Sidney, I could meet you tomorrow on my way home. Even if it's raining, I can show you some set-up tips. Do your handle lines (pig tails) have a few knots on them?
  6. dkovacs65

    Inverted Flying

    Great! another "a-HA!" moment achieved! Keep us updated on your progress. Dayton David
  7. dkovacs65

    Inverted Flying

    If winds are light, you may have to step back. In steady winds, a step forward will help with the reverse up the window.
  8. dkovacs65

    Inverted Flying

    Also try walking forward a couple steps to get the kite started in reverse up.
  9. dkovacs65

    Best time to have a Kite Festival

    Also on the AKA.KITE.ORG site do a search for the KITE EVENT ORGANIZERS MANUAL. it's a pdf file filled with all kinds of related info. it's in Resources...Publications...Manuals
  10. dkovacs65

    Windscape 2014

    Really looking forward to going to my first Windscape event and meeting the great folks of Swift Current and elsewhere!
  11. dkovacs65


    Hello Kiteman, I fly also fly a 3-stack of B's.... full vent, mid, std.... sometimes a 2nd mid. I use pigtails which stay on when unstacked to fly as a single. All bridles stay on also. All stack lines are the same length (about 4.5') and I use one at the top center too. The center pigtails are a bit longer than the others and have extra knots to get the same spacing. All kites are framed with 3-wrap spars regardless of vented or not; gusty winds call for a 4-wrap in the front kite. My flying lines are about 85' with 150# and 200# sets. I'm planning to come down to TI for the January kite fest. If you go too you will see a bunch of stacks that weekend. This forum also has a separate Stacking info area.... check it out too.... happy stacking, Dayton David
  12. dkovacs65

    180Go Now an Official Revolution Team

    Thank you Revolution Kites and Ben for this incredible responsibility. Looking forward to new adventures. Thank you iQuad for setting the spark years ago after seeing your videos and wanting to learn to fly the blender with a group. Thank you Mike Kory for all you do for the team and IKE. Thank you, and see ya soon, Dayton David
  13. Brother Steve, thanks for linking to my diagram. I also meant to add that if the ring formations do some rotations then some of the spots I marked may need to invert just very slightly past vertical. 7 days and counting.... Dayton David
  14. hey kids, for us first timers to WSIKF, what's the typical weather,temps? and yes I am packing rain gear too. can't wait to meet you too Jynx. B-)
  15. dkovacs65

    Happy Birthday Rich

    Hey Green Rod Rich...have a Great day on your B-day!