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  1. Excellent videos Chris thanks for posting them. When is the Rev weekend in Ireland? Dave.
  2. Is there any video of the 64 mega grid ? had a look around on the forum & can't seem to find any. Thanks, Dave.
  3. Just to echo previous comments what a great weekend. Good to meet old friends and make new ones. The mega fly's on Saturday & Sunday were great fun Having the dedicated arena made the 500 mile round trip worth while, many thanks to the organisers for providing it, hope some of the other big festivals take notice & follow Portsmouth. Hope to see you all sometime soon. Dave
  4. Finally got round to posting a few pictures of the waves printed Rev. Flew it last weekend & have to say I made a good decision getting it after flying Steven Hoaths a few weekends ago. As Brian said the wind was blowing 1-3mph earlier on in the day & the kite flew beautifully. We had a selection of different kites with different set-ups out during the day & I think we all agreed that the printed rev added something extra to your bag. Be nice when we compare it to the Zen. Hats off to the Gonzalez Brothers & Revolution for a great kite. Dave.
  5. Mine's already ordered. It's the waves design for me. Dave.
  6. Had a great weekend, many thanks to Vince, Pete S, Chris & Pete N for all your hospitality & the effort you put into the whole weekend. Thanks to Cheryl & the other girls (sorry didnt get your names) for keeping us fed & watered all weekend. Nice to meet up with some old friends again & make some new ones. Hope to see you all soon. Dave.
  7. Thanks for the video Bruce great record of the weekend. Hope to fly with you all again soon. Dave.
  8. Well, Kev presented his LITTLE memento to Brian at the weekend. One of Brians other hobbies when he's not flying is collecting Zippo lighters, so kev sorted him out a "special Zippo" & yes it really does work! As kev said, oh behalf of everyone a BIG thanks Brian for all your effort in organising a great weekend. Dave. p.s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . in case you were wondering U.N.D.S.B.E.O.W............................................................. Up North Down South Back East Out West
  9. Well what more can be said about a great weekend, shame it all ended too soon. It was great to catch up with some old friends & make some new ones Many thanks to Deb's & my better half Lynn for keeping us all fed & watered Hope to see you all soon, Dave aka Mr Magooo
  10. Hi Baz, Good to see you again, glad you enjoyed the team flying as bri said it did take a bit of bullying though, maybe it was the threat to take you 120's off you as you had no need for them if you weren't going to fly team that did the trick ! Hopefully it was worth it though. Wind conditions weren't the best for your first team fly but you did good. Maybe next time bri & myself will get the original Union Jacks out & we can fly them all together. See you at Ainsdale sometime, Dave.
  11. Yep thats what i use. Works fine for me.
  12. dave b


    Can't beat spending some time flying with your son hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........
  13. Happy birthday buddy. See you on the beach this weekend. Dave.
  14. Hi Richard, Good to hear from you, will we be seeing you & simon at ainsdale? Dont forget to bring the cookies! Dave.
  15. To watch Brian flying to his favourites 'STAYIN ALIVE' & 'SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER' by the Bee Gees is quite a sight, especially when he starts dancing Dave
  16. Anyone know the price of these handles ? Dave
  17. See ya on the beach saturday buddy, that should sort you out!!!! Dave.
  18. Hi antman, You mean like these beauties! Got the all white at KP last year & asked lolly at the time about the possibility of an all black sail & as you can see they turned out terrific thanks to lolly. The all black sails especially look stunning in the sky. Dave.
  19. Hi Ben, Hope you had a great day & got some flying time in. Dave.
  20. Excellent news Marty, what a great way to start the new year. Dave
  21. Great video, picked mine up off brian earlier today & just finished watching it. There is so much in there i didnt see on the weekend. Many thanks to both of you for putting this together. Dave.
  22. I think i was F5 & Big Bri F4. Dave.
  23. All the best for the day Stephen, have a good one. Dave.
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