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    Kitesurfing, Mountain bike....and whatever help me remember why I am not a kid anymore...
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    rev1 vented, 1.5 vented too...
  1. flic_ben

    Dublin 2009 - 12th & 13th September

    4 days to go... Roll on the 1 st kite fest in the fair city, a bit of Craic, pintS of Guiness in temple Bar.... Looking forward to see you guy up here. Ben
  2. flic_ben

    Portsmouth long w/e fest

    Any team incomplete that took part will use it as ," you see you should come...." Top leading stephen,been there and from now on, will leave it to you, still you should try our flic landing technic from sunday afternoon... keep on flying Ben
  3. flic_ben

    New Rev Team Moves

    my fav would be "le croisee voltaire" (sound beter in french). Work only with an even team. start as acrossing, then the middle kite stop at the crossing, then the 2 next above and below and so on , wich bring you to a pinwheel 180. Can be seen in the last move of that routine http://www.webflic.fr/video.php?PHPSESSID=...7ec41f993adf726 check ra98 Voila
  4. kite flying is completly unnessecary therefore absolutly indispenssable.

  5. flic_ben

    Berck-Sur-Mer, France kite festival

    Hi, thanks for al the comments and pictures. The X's we call them wind mill(moulins in french). That "routine" on the stars(hyper vented kite) was a one off as we sometime do. We call as we feel so... Glad it worked. those stars kite are good for impro as they are to slow for a proper routine. Thank again for the nice pix. Ben (the one on the left)