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  1. Part-timers!! We'll try to keep your space warm on Saturday...
  2. There are a group who certainly used to fly near Gosport (so depends which part of Hampshire you're talking about!) Message Sailor99, Jonesey or Yrna to see what they're up to these days.... Jeremy (Sailor99) is unavailable due to work quite a bit, but may be able to advise. Hope this helps.
  3. If flying by oneself, music is a good training tool - just get the right meter & beats per minute. It's not about enjoying the music (tho' that helps) - but enforcing discipline in manoevres to sharpen the skills. You turn on the beat, not when you really think you're ready, you set travel speeds to cover your canvas smoothly with the musical phrase. No matter how the wind pulses or drops. That's my aspiration and, who knows, with more practice I might achieve it one day! Give it a go!
  4. If you don't get to meet up with others, see if you can get along to a kite festival sometime - the Portsmouth kite festival over August Bank Holiday weekend has traditionally had quite a gathering of Rev flyers. These are great opportunities to talk all things kite and pick up a load of ideas. When you're ready - basics covered: flying with controlled speed, hover at any point of the clock face - they can also introduce you to the fun of team flying. BTW: a set of 120 foot lines is a worthwhile investment... Above all else, *have fun*!
  5. Seems there's already a computer game called 'Revolution'* - not sure if it's multi-player. But surely this would remove the exercise and the fresh air (not to mention driving rain and howling winds) that makes team flying so much fun....? * Of course this Revolution has nothing to do with kite flying.
  6. The obvious solution is to have your wife try flying the Rev. The down-side is you end up buying twice as many kites (some would argue that's not a down-side at all), but on the up-side, you have someone to fly with in pairs ready for more team flying!
  7. I'll just repeat the advice - for a first kite, it's probably best to save some cash and omit the 'Pro'. A good combination is the full sail B series and vented B series. This covers the range; a Mid-vent is nice to fly but you will have days when there's not enough wind for the mid vent or too much. Combine the other two and you've 2, 3 and 4 wrap frames and kites for 4mph and up. There will still be squally days when you wouldn't want to fly the vented, of course. It is true that you don't have to walk as far when resetting the kite on 80 foot lines - helpful when learning! But, as soon as you start flying with others you'll need a 120 foot set, so worth budgeting for another line set after a couple of months.
  8. I fear there is a risk of end-user confusion as there is a difference between the "Revolution Authorized Pro No Snag Handles" and the anodised handles discussed here. [i have no commercial connection with either design.]
  9. No, probably using iOS6 / iPhone 5 and can't find Wakefield on the map.
  10. 1 daN = 2.2 lbs So 25daN is 55lb, etc.
  11. andelscott

    Portsmouth 2012

    Rev teams present again at the Portsmouth International Kite Festival - completre with its Rev arena
  12. Just make sure you leave some Rev arena space for the rest of us in the afternoon then! <grins> Or maybe there are enough graduated grid exercises to say it's grid practice from 2:30pm (just to fit everyone in)
  13. I think there were 14 (we split into two balls of seven a couple of times)...
  14. Hey Steve - know what you mean: you think you've handled the previous punches and another one follows. I have a number of friends who've been through Chemotherapy (and radiotherapy beyond) - there's no denying it can be really unpleasant and I feel for you, my brother. But they've come through it and their hair grows back - you would never know unless they tell you. Stay strong and fight - you've been through so much already. Hang in there, it *will* pass and if you want to have a moan, then skype me - I'm around far more time than is desirable!
  15. No, no, no. Just use the wife's standard excuse: "New? No, I've had those for years!"
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