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  1. Revo-Barcelona custom Rev and SLE in the Barcelona's Olympic Port (Spain)
  2. Hi everyone, here you can see the video of a new ballet entrainement, Techno Karmina B. I hope you enjoy it. Greetings. https://sites.google...lonateam/videos
  3. Here you can see my new routine District 9 I wish that you enjoy. Bst. Regds. http://sites.google.com/site/revobarcelonateam/videos
  4. Here you can see a Rev meeting last july 18 in Peñiscola - Spain I hope you enjoy it. Bst. Rgds. http://sites.google....revopelaus-2010
  5. Hi Pwind, After rinsing with fresh water, cleaning kit Climax works very well. Isn`t expensive, cleans and softens lines. I tried it with Sky Line and LPG after dipping in the sea. http://www.kiteparts...x.php?cPath=143
  6. I show my home made vented "Rev II" style kite, with 6 mm at the leading edge and vertical roods. Really fly very well with strong winds. It is slow, very controllable. Built with Ripstop remains and vinyl mesh, is a bit strange but flies very well. Bst. Rgds.
  7. Hello team, Welcome to the forum

  8. revobarcelona1@gmail.com


    Revo-Barcelona album
  9. Here you can see a RevoSplash filmed last June at the Festival of Roses (Costa Brava-Spain). I ride a home hyper-vented 1.5 kite. Gust wind up to 70 km/h.Bst.rgds.
  10. Look here new link: Visit Website Jordi Morella
  11. Dear friends, Our web team URL has changed, our new home is: http://sites.google.com/site/revobarcelonateam/ If you have linked us, we would appreciate you making the change Best Regards & best winds Ramon
  12. Hello Stephen, hank you for the quick response. I was worry by if i have a bad purchase. Greetings Ramon See you in Frejus´08 ??
  13. Good morning, I purchased 5 spare (rods) of Rev SLE SUL The labels are not gold colored , are silver colored. The text does not say Professional Use Only, said Professional Use. Could indicate if they are original spare parts Revolution Thank you. Greetings. Ramon Revo-Barcelona
  14. Dear Revolutionaries kiters, We are a new team formed by two flight pilots. Our name is Revo-Barcelona. We are located in Barcelona (Spain) and we are partners in Barcelona Estels Club. We have participated in the festival in Valencia. Here copy the link of our website where you will know. Bst. Rgds. http://revobarcelona1.googlepages.com/
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