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  1. Ugh, I've been away too long from kiting.
  2. Way to go Sammy, very impressive.
  3. Oh dear. Sorry to hear you lost your flying field. Is that avatar a picture of you? Please change it, you are much prettier than that. Hugs to you. Jim
  4. linekahuna

    Steve b

    Anybody heard from him?
  5. Glad to hear you're ok, Ant. Car crashes are nasty. Get well soon.
  6. Need a Ninja Rev 2 and a Ninja Rev 1 for a progressive stack.
  7. Happy birthday, Steve. Hope to see you soon.
  8. Ben, they look suspicious. Look like a pair of earings.
  9. Hhhmmm. Wonder what would work to get stains off from a felt marking pen that leeched onto a yellow and pink Rev 1? I call it my speckled kite. It's a mess.
  10. Umm! Better clarify this info. Seems everybody thinks there were winds here at 113 mph. No, not here but up to 50 mph. The 113 was probably on the west coast . Everything ok here.
  11. Having heavy snow here this evening. Winds on the coast have hit 183 km that's 113 mph. That's category 3 hurricane force winds. Time to bridle up a manhole cover. What kind of Rev could stand up to that? Have flown a two-line kite in 60 mph winds.
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