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  1. You left my name off the list!!! Did I have fun????
  2. I'm planning to be there as usual.
  3. Laurel doesn't get capitol letters because she's so small??!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks Y'all.....I'm looking forward to the big Birthday party they are throwing for me this weekend in Treasure Island......see all y'all there!!!!!!!!
  5. Awwwwwwww You big, cuddly bear, you!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!
  6. I KNEW IT WAS HIMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I was about to write that!! He beat me!!! (LOVE you, Laura!)
  8. Saw this video of Stroke Victim (Wayne) and thought I''d share!
  9. Thanks, Kent!! I am so excited for her to have her first happy Christmas!! There have been two others that have told me that they are sending snow globes. If anyone else out there can find it in your heart to send her something than you too can contribute to the Holiday Magic. I have my hopes up that she will get 10 or 12. Scott promises to build her a pretty wooden shelf to display them on!!
  10. Belmar is closer to me.....see you there!!!
  11. I'll get right on it!!! See you there!!!
  12. We want you to meet us there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. melnsct

    Am I crazy?

    If you want new kites, you don't have to look for excuses!!!!
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