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  1. hi guys It actual belonged to Andrew ....Matts son both of whom were on the rev clinic as you can imagine hes a bit gutted hes lost it. as for the panel layout im not sure as im working of second hand info they asked me to post as they are not members of this board thats for all the concerns Kev
  2. A friend of mine left/lost an EXP at the rev clinic at portsmouth anyone pick it up by mistake it was pink and aqua cheers Kevr
  3. kevr

    Jolly Up

    nice picts and nice flying with you all must do it again soon must wear a hat next time might not get so sunburned regards Kev
  4. Hi John I Have been speaking to DaveM on the phone and I believe he put my name forward I am a local lad and live in Portsmouth so if there is an information you need I will try and find out for you regards Kevr
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