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  1. Oh, and I vote for Sailor's !
  2. Having been "off air" for 10 days or so, it appears that there a whole lot of new avatars appearing. Great work, by those whe have acquired the skills, or persuaded Jonesey to make them one! It will be interesting to come back next week and see who is the best then, by which time I dare say it will be compulsory to have an animated avatar. Jonesey, keep an eye on that aspect while I am out on manoeuvers and ensure mine is updated appropriately! Thanks.
  3. Hi, Sorry to be joining this thread late, however I have to take it right back to the initial post. I am a little concerned that Jonesey is reporting his dreams, rather than true life. What makes me think that? Well, I know for a fact that Jonesey never ever goes out without his iPhone, which contains a camera I believe. If he really was there, he would have taken photos, if only to prove his story in the pub! So, a good thread, but I think he may be puling our lines. Cheers Sparky
  4. Sparky

    kite chat

    John may have a case here, but Jonesey certainly doesn't - 254 posts since the end of Feb! Jonesey, surely you are confused - you work on the forums and do the IT in your coffee break? Or do you always have a coffee break at 0525 in the morning!
  5. I hope you had a good one! Cheers Sparky p.s. The 8 ball stake is still working fine at Hillhead!
  6. Excuse my ignorance, but some basic qu's - feel free to re-direct me if there is already a post with appropriate answers..; 1. What length should lines between kites be? 2. How many stack lines are needed - 5? 3. I presume you need stronger flying lines if there is any breeze? 3. Sailor - where are you flying these stacks in Hampshire? Thanks
  7. Jonesey, You have just pointed out, without realising it as usual, that Chisel beach is an excellent flying venue. N or S winds allow clear breeze and the oportunity for you to develop your underwater techniques. My tech budget cannot deal with current product, however we will of course step in when we find there is a hole in the spar range that need new rods. What about one piece rods? This would prevent the hard spots where the current Rev spars join, and give us a better constant luff curve bend. I didn't look this morning, however I doubt this hard point is taken into account in the current luff curve. I think Airx 500N - VMG (31 grams /sqm) would be ideal, athough it is very difficult to print onto. Hard finish, little stretch - work for a long time then break, so you know it is done! Probably want to orientate warp parrallel with leading edge. Difficult one this, I think I can argue for fill parrallel with leading edge too. Agree? Sparky
  8. Jonesey, Your next analysis is to establish the comparitive stiffness of the spars. If you build the spar and then put one end on the bathroom scales - you will need 0.1kg accuracy, and then push down on the other end. After a reasonsable amount of bend you will notice that the weight will not increase, so that becomes spar bend weight. Once you have done the analysis you can post the results for the rest of us. Clearly you will need to do the mixed spar (lighter tip spars) as well as the standard, 2, 3, 4, Race, SLE rods. Secondly sail load will increase if bungees are replaced by fixed line, so plastic cringles may be requried to prevent sail ripping. Standing by... Sparky
  9. Jonesey, No seaming, about 3 inches luff curve. Spar bend exagerted by bridle being attached to the spar ends in addition to wind power & bungees. If bungees replaced by fixed line at both ends, I would expect a more progressive power up/down as the sheet tension remains the same. Have you started builing yet?! Sparky
  10. On the basis that 10 days have passed since Jonesey last bought a kite, I am certain the Blast will be ordered this week Whether the Easter eggs arrive or not is another matter. It is just a shame that there is 30kts forecast for the next 7 days! Still, I shall doughtless be laughing loudly as I hang onto his ankles while he is towed around the south coast of England!
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