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  1. same here choccy,still worth watching,,,,,,
  2. This is nothing to do with me ,but there is a nice looking Red/Black SLE 1.5 with lines ON FLEA BAY UK Bidding is at £75 with 2 days to go, it could give someone on here a leg up, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Revolution-SLE-1-5-S...1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. Irish Wolfhound dogstake for us Big boys with our manly toys ,nothing less
  4. Hello and welcome My B vented has a light gray bridle,as salor and bri say,I think its what is knocking about at the time
  5. The 2-4 owners are taking over,Jonesey do you think the 2-4 drags you deeper into the darkside?? for where i alive I get a lot of low winds and i think i will use this a lot more than a UL I love the DVD that came with the Blast its a well thought out aid,and yes i did set the kite up, as normal being a man set kite up,then watch dvd,oopppss
  6. Its ok jonesey mate i thought you had got busy,I cant see how the bungges hold the bridle?
  7. Hi ALL I am hoping to have my Blast bridle here very soon,{as the blast came with out one :confused!: } and i understand its in 3 parts,has anyone got some pics or diragrams for attaching said bridle to the kite and any tips ?
  8. Cool ian so you going for the Blast 2-4,I got the blast instead of the UL, I think there is a lot more fun to be had,,,,
  9. Great news the nice people at rev are sending me one out,Thank you Ben
  10. Hi Ian Yes it came from across the water,I have tryed kiteworld and Highwayman,But none in stock,My plan is to get it in the air asap,If i manage to get one in the uk my suppler will paypal costs ,so its not all bad just frustrating
  11. Well my nice brand new Blast came today ,i am well impressed with it,the only niggle i have is that it seems to be with out a bridle,I have tryed the highwayman and kiteworld,is there anyone in the uk who has these in stock?
  12. Thats what i found,but being the good guy,i sat this one out lol,,,,
  13. Jonesey is your eyes on order already I have e mailed Bazzer and I hope to go for Green or gray a bit later in the year,,I really need the sul and th B standard first OO and some help,,Once you start you cant stop!!!!!!!
  14. Its something my wife says to me all the time,I cant find nothing,but i had it yesterday, :confused!: So Just out of intrest whats the nicest design you have seen on a rev and is there a picture, I have got to go with Bazzers ninja eyes, the green compliments the B series
  15. Hi and Welcome to the forum, With your rev you can expect a lot more fun,You can expect to be saving up for all revs in all wind / weather conditions And i feel you will spend a lot of time on here reading and asking questions
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