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  1. Practicing flying in reverse is starting to pay off. After a lot of practice (and a little mentoring from the master ) I managed to do 2 completely recognizable camelbacks today. I'm stoked. Denny
  2. Looks like a most excellent time. Thanks for sharing. Denny
  3. DWayne


    Use the link Jay posted. Denny
  4. DWayne


    They're flying right now.
  5. DWayne


    Dang south wind. Keeps the fliers out of the camera.
  6. DWayne


    I was just going to say that.
  7. It's finally here. You're a year older, though it really doesn't show. Hope you have a great time @ KP6. Denny
  8. DWayne


    I noticed Dave has his ad there. Nice view. Denny
  9. Happy Birthday. It's surprising how many of us older folks are flying Revs. Maybe the AKA will start a senior class. Denny
  10. DWayne

    Oh my God!

    Wow, that really blows. Glad to hear they all made it out alright. Hopefully the insurance company will be quick at gettings things restored. Denny
  11. I got to try out my new race rods this evening. I put 'em in a full sail on a 50# line set. The kite was really racy in 5 mph winds. They seem to be a bit snappier. More responsive. I like 'em already. I'm sure I'll like 'em even more after I get to spend more time with 'em.. Denny
  12. Since I'm the first one posting here I guess I'm the first one to recieve a set of Race Rods for Ben's Birthday. Only 4 more days Happy Birthday Ben
  13. That was way cool. Your sweety really is a sweety. Denny
  14. If nothing else, it'll make 'em smell good. Denny
  15. I just talked to Tom @ The Berkeley Kite Festival and he said he'd love to have this event there. He even said he'd kick in free dinner cruise tickets for The Decorators if they show up. The good folks at Rev are looking at their calendars now so maybe we can make this happen @ Berkeley. Denny
  16. That's really good news. I was going to ask this question elsewhere but since we're on the subject (sort of), if a person enters experienced class multi-line, are they then ineligible to enter in novice class for dual line? Denny
  17. If we held it in New Jersey we'd have to import the cheese, the wine, and the kites from California. Nay, better have it out here.
  18. Berkeley would be a good choice. It gives people enough time to plan on being there if they hadn't already. Maybe The Decorators would like an excuse to come visit California.
  19. Since Rev is a California company it would be nice to have the biggest 20th Anniversary event here in California. It's not like there's a shortage of beaches or good breezes here. It needs to be scheduled for a time and place that's convient to everyone. Especially the good folks at Rev. Denny
  20. I was wondering if Revolution Kites is planning a 20th Anniversary event? It seems to me there should be a 20th Anniversary event on some California beach this spring or summer. This event should also include breaking the North American & World Mega Fly records. That would be a nice 20th Anniversary present for the good folks at Revolution Kites. If one isn't already in the works we should get started organizing one. I've never put anything like this together but am more than willing to help in any way I can. Denny
  21. Stick with cool fresh water and a soft spounge. Denny
  22. I make a mean pie when I can get the trotters. Denny
  23. You can deal with the #1 Rev dealer in the country from anywhere there's a PC. Go online and visit "A Wind of Change". Kent will take super good care of you. Denny
  24. All good points. But personally I'd rather meet you guys on the beach at an iQuad clinic. I think I'd learn more and have a lot more fun than I would getting my arse handed to me on the competition field. But that's just me. Don't get me wrong, I'm really into learning, just not real big on public humiliation. Denny
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