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  1. Sounds good! I was nervous about flying in ballistic wind (anything over 14 mph from weather.com) because I was afraid of breaking something or breaking a lineset. I feel better about it now. I flew my Rev I standard today at lunch. The snow is all gone, the astro turf soccer/football field was warm and dry. The air temp was 41 degrees but the field was warmer from the sun. The forecast said 14 mph but it had to be less - I'm thinking less than 10 mph. Even though it was a little gusty I worked on holding the kite in position and rotating around the tips. Good times! The season begins!
  2. I have the handles for the B series and I'm okay with adjusting the leaders. What do you think the upper wind speed range would be based on what I have? The wind is really blowing over 20 mph and I'd be nervous. Should I be?
  3. I guess I'm okay lineset wise then. Next question: What's the maximum wind speed with 90# lines for the Mid vent: with race rods or with 4 wraps and the same for the vented: with race rods or with 4 wraps
  4. I know it's been a while since this thread was posted but my two cents: My B Series is so much smoother than my Rev 1s. The B Series feels much more precise than my Rev 1. I can imagine that the Pro is even better! Kudos to Rev for being able to improve on an already great kite!
  5. I have a vented Rev 1 with 4 wraps and 3 wraps and a vented B Series and mid vented B Series with race rods as well as the 3 and 4 wrap rods. I know the kites can handle higher wind speeds but I'm wonder if my 90# lines are strong enough. Do I need to get 150# or 200# linesets so that they don't break when the wind is kicking? I have a nice 90# 120' LPG lineset but I'd hate to break the lineset. I try not to fly in more than 14 mph (according to weather.com) because that seems like the kite is really pulling in that kind of wind.
  6. John146

    NJSKC 09

    The Rev Riders did a great demo! I loved their routine! Great job Scott and everyone else! (And it was beautiful weather temperature wise. The wind was up and down but it wasn't terrible - it was mostly blowing very nicely.)
  7. Hey Doug! It was nice to meet you and see that there's more people coming into the kite fold! We need more blood and Bryan did really well on the B series! He won't regret it! He's a natural and it was great seeing someone his age really having fun.
  8. It worked for me and I saved $73 on a vented B Series!
  9. Still nothing for "revolution kite". I searched for it on in the "cash back" section "live.com" and the results were a few books. When I went to the "general" search it worked and I saw the listing for eBay with 25% off.
  10. I just checked too. I didn't get any results from Live.com. I definitely would have gotten a vented B series. Bummer.
  11. I fly a Rev 1 Segwick and made some leaders. I've only had a chance to try it once and only while I had someone to help launch it because I forgot my ground stakes. The wind was very light and it seemed to help with adjusting the attachments to the knots on the leaders. I liked Tom's advice for what you need to do to "keep it level". I'll keep that in mind. Glad I'm not the only one who's challenged by Rev's. But then, that's part of the fun!
  12. Right! That's the article I had read but forgot where the link was! This article shows the leaders being the same length on top and bottom. I read someplace that the bottom leader could be shorter than the top. Is that right? Since that will change the line length, it seems like it will change the way it flies (more brake? less brake?). Should I make the top and bottoms the same length?
  13. If I have 1/2" knots, how many knots should I make for the top and bottom?
  14. I got some 100# bridle line to make some leaders for my handles. For the upper handle leaders I cut 19" lengths, folded them in half (for the larks head end) and knotted one end for the last knot. I put 3 more knots about 1" apart. The final size is about 7 1/2" with 4 knots. Does that sound okay for regular handles? Do the knots have to be in the EXACT same spot for the left and right leader? (They're just a smidge off.) Should the lower set be about 4" finished and how many knots should I put in? Thanks for all the advice.
  15. I like Jim's suggestion to try hovering from an inverted launch. That looks like a great place to start. (I'm not sure if this makes a difference but I've been using a Sport lineset that I got with my SS years ago. I made a new Shanti lineset but I still have to make sure the left set is the same length as the right set. Would the fact that a Sport set isn't as slippery as a Spectra set impact how the kite reacts when the lines are twisted around?)
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