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  1. four by four (in honour of ulrika) four square(d) The hand of quad
  2. QuadPod or at the risk of being sued by Apple iPodQuad (on account of ones electrical move caller) or Revelations (The Book of - if religious) or The Red Revolution (only good if you fly red Revs)
  3. I very much enjoyed the morning - well worth the trip and it was so much more fun to fly with others (knitting aside). Felix & Co provided major inspiration and Jay did a sterling job at untangling lines. Looking forward to my next trip. PS the tea hut does great breakfast rolls (have to keep this a secret from the other half!!) Mark
  4. Thanks for the reply Felix. Will see u there, although not certain that I am good enough to join u guys!!!!! Mark
  5. Hi peeps, Now daughtersare back at school, any takers for flying at Blackheath this Sunday and if so what time? regards Mark
  6. 1 x SLE 1 x Vented b 1 x lines 1 x handles and bottle of pimms + leomonade - summer flying bottle of gin + tonic - summer evening whisky - autmn / early winter flask mulled wine xmas / new year bottle of brandy - january & feb sod anything else
  7. You have far too much time on your hands - calculating the number of smarties - Excellent idea though & probably the best so far! In the absence of anything better, the prize (a tube of smarties) will be dispatched at short notice
  8. You must live in one of the areas where they have upmarket Hoodies
  9. How about a pole vaulter's pole?
  10. Mmm The thought of CP with the rods is interesting. I wonder how they could be used. Enough of that - what about a jousting lance? Flexble, lightweight but ultra strong .
  11. Having swapped out the SLE rods over the weekend and replaced them with 1/4 inch ultralight form my new B series, I am much impressed with the improvement in flyability. Now this poses the question of what to do with the redundant SLE rods? Sailor uses them as high tech tomato plant frame, but anyone got any other ideas. I was thinking of bring my model yacht into the high tech era and giving it a carbon fibre racing mast. mark
  12. I managed to avoid all the rain (I think it avoided me after my earlier comments) Had bright sun most of the afternoon. Not quite T shirt weather 25 - 30 mph wind (southerly) at my flying site on Firle. Unfornuately my lines arent quite long enough to practice dipping the wing tips at Bewl Water from here. Nice comment about the accountants. Wish I could do the same with builders, architects, politicians (whoops) etc
  13. Had to work this morning- boo. Out this afternoon - Yippee. Southdowns here I come!!!! I thought this was kind of weather Jeremy. Mark M
  14. After a summer of howling gales which commenced at the Dunstable event, a new spar for my SLE (unvented) which has now regularly flown in winds exceeding 30 mph, i finally bought a vented B series! it arrived today (much praise to Kite Shop). Awaiting the winter and even stronger winds with Glee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DD
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