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  1. Happy Birthday to you Have a Great day!!
  2. Happy Birthday to you Ant! Have a great day
  3. Happy Birthday to you Bazzer!
  4. Ben, I am sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you. ~Big Hugs~ Take care. -Shannon
  5. shannon

    New From Bazz

    Great job on all the kites Bazz! The dragons are Awesome!!
  6. What a great clinic! I learned soooo much and had so much fun meeting and flying with everyone too! Thanks John, Steve, Bazzer and JD. All of you guys gave me awesome tips Thank you!!
  7. Yeah! I am excited and looking forward to being there and getting the most out of this clinic Packing now.... See all you all soon
  8. Yeah! The video turned out great!! Thanks for the mention and Awesome flying John! T, I'll see you soon!
  9. I was out at the field w/John today and I flew both of the mid vent kites as well I enjoyed flying them both! I really liked how the outer vent flew, better than the inner vent though and it seemed easier to control. This description sounds good hehe. I am yet to fly a full vent on the B-series. -Shannon
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