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  1. I myself am not too fond of 120 ft. I fly on 100 ft. Less drag, up close to the kite without being too close. The closer you get to your kite, the quicker your reaction time will have to be because the kite will be flying faster. But it's a matter of taste. A lot of people fly with 120 because they fly in teams. I'm not a team flyer so when I do fly with others ( more than two) and I fly with 120 ft. it's a bit uncomfortable. But that's me...... TheSmith
  2. On October 9, 10, 11, 12. Columbus Day weekend. We will be having the First annual LBI Kite Festival. As with all festivals there will be demos, big kites, an auction, and hopefully an Indoor event. All of this and the new LBISKC. A new Eastern League competition here in NJ. It will be a one day event......only ballet events. Very much like what we did in Wildwood. Be cause this will be the first we want to show the townies what we do. If this works out it could be an annual event. So spread the word we could use as many flyers as possible to do demos and compete. We really need another event
  3. Oh come on now.........I haven't been here in a long time. Hey pal.....I'm coming in with new music of which I haven't practiced to yet. I'll be winging it at MASKC. I've been been getting back into dual. Dual's been hurting for flyers. Going to bring some old school flying back in. Oh also new music for Parkway South also. And we know how often we practice. With Willoughby the globe trotter. Now my Plug: Jack Wilson and I have taken the reigns of running ECSKC. I know you folks would rather fly with each other in team formations than compete. I get it. But........we are dying out there. We
  4. I don't know why I'm posting this here but what the heck......I have set of three B series revs for sale. Full sail, Mid-vent, and Full vent for sale. These were the first of the smitty blue kites. And no I'm not selling my B-Pros Paul and Bazzer. I'll bring them to Wildwood if anyone is interested. Real cheap. Let me know.. If no takers here. I'll be moving onto the Face........... No Thumbs Smith
  5. John and Spence are flying masters.........this is going to be so cool, I've never flown against you guys. I hope I do halfway decent.
  6. I was confused about my thumbs......you're right I'm thumbless Oh yeah I remember that day.......I was dying....came in 3rd to your first at that event and I came in second to Archie's first at NJSKC, and let's not forget the third to Karl's first and Doug Coates' 2nd........Oh yeah did I mention My 2nd to Jim Cosca's first in Delaware, So I am beatable
  7. Don't you just love quad line flyers........I'm still trying to see this Willoughby wiggle. Parkway South has been around for three years and I haven't seen it. The Smith shuffle as it is named is all in the feet. It's my way of moving sideways with the kite. In other words......When you fly the kite left or right....you shuffle with it, thus keeping it in the center of the window.....I stink with light wind..anything below 2 mph... forget about it. One of my favorite Paul LaMasters stories is.....when we were at Dory Park where you fly in a vacuum.......I was flying Ultras at the time He was
  8. This is shaping up to be a major event.............
  9. I was told the same thing...There was some crud all over the beach in Wildwood and it got all over a section of mine and Ben's Revs......I was afraid to use it on the Icarex but maybe it will work. DSmith
  10. Hey I'm definitely in on this....unknown partner..unknown music...unknown routine....sounds like a hoot......
  11. I flew a mystery ballet in TI........it was very cool....then again my partner was me. So we had an understanding of the terminology. There was a brief moment I didn't hear the calls from myself......but we soon got back on track. Then I found out the music was from someone from American Idol........ew.. But this thing sounds like a hoot......I'm doing sound anyway so I'll be there.....
  12. Meet and greet at Smitty's.....friday night.....munchies!!!!!
  13. Hey you were in the mix also sir.......3rd place......attaboy......take it slow through Kelso
  14. Masters Multiline ballet.........1st. Dennis Smith 2nd, Lisa Willoughby Open Multiline Pairs Ballet.........1st Parkway South Let's here it for New Jersey
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