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  1. Dennis-OLO-H

    BEN's New Kite

    OK Ben you bringing that "thing" to OC???? Come on man the big kite field is calling you too!!! Come play with us for a change!
  2. Dennis-OLO-H

    Happy Birthday Jeff King!!!

    Mr REV Game---- A Big Happy belated Birthday! Hope your work/ travel this week goes well and fast, we'll pick you up at the airport and be on our way to another great event on Friday. Should I bring the "big" stuff or just my REVs????
  3. Dennis-OLO-H

    Wow, JB is getting older...

    WOW----33! hmmm I've got kites older than that, Kids too! Hope your day is the GREATEST! John I will be thinking of you while flying Revs at the Washington Monument in DC on your special day, too bad you can't be there we'ed party down! So have fun and many more to come!
  4. Dennis-OLO-H

    Wildwoods Int'l Kite Festival

    Gee thanks Bea, I see I've been dropped from the list of featured / invited flyers oh well may put something big up or---- not?!?! You all Know better than that! OLO is dying to get out of the bag and into the air again at the "Woods". Can't wait!!
  5. Dennis-OLO-H

    Sunday May 11 Sandypoint MD

    WOW another great day at "the Point" flying Revs! Thanks Kelly for posting this and getting us out. Jay, it was great flying some "team" with you! Thanks for the "calls" and instruction. Jeff, Dave, Healey it was great to fly with you again too. Next up Wildwood, see you all there!
  6. Dennis-OLO-H

    Wildwood Mega fly

    Hey Gang count me in! I wanna be #13 again. Was a real fun time at Treasure Island with 29. If the "mega-fly" is Sunday I'll need to find a "baby Sitter" for OLO, because I won't miss this!!! Gotta do that Rev Thing!
  7. Dennis-OLO-H

    Sunday May 11 Sandypoint MD

    Looking forward to some Rev flying, hope to get there early to get some air time. Who else is in on this???
  8. Dennis-OLO-H

    ocean city maryland

    Scott Great job on the field I enjoyed being kite #2 chasing you all the way. I must say I've been involved in a couple mini mega flys and this group came together pretty well. Can't wait for Wildwood. If any one wants to see video of this fly Patrick Callahan got a nice segment and has posted it out there.
  9. Dennis-OLO-H

    East Coast Rev Clinic Wildwood,NJ

    Hey Antman have you got a bridle on that mini yet??? If not get on Paul to get you one. Looking forward to Wildwood in May, can't wait yo fly with you again.
  10. Dennis-OLO-H

    East Coast Rev Clinic Wildwood,NJ

    Hey Paul that pic of the Minis does look like a day at Lake Fairfax, and if memory serves me right that last six rainbow set is mine. That was a great day, and I'm looking forward to a great weekend at Wildwood. Harold may have to crank up the mini production again when everyone sees ours. Let's fly em fast and furious!
  11. Dennis-OLO-H

    Sunday 1/27 Sandy Point MD - Come REV's with us!

    Alden, was great to see you out today. Wish you had joined in the iWOW team --- you had the only blue kite! Great picture of us. We do like to try that as often as we get together. Has made me a better flyer thanks to Paul,Jim,Dave,Jeff and Jeff. It was really good to see Terry M on the Rev field instead of just announcing it. Thanks to all that came out to Sandy Point today, hope to do it again soon.
  12. Dennis-OLO-H

    Treasure Island Kite Festival SHATTERED Mega Record

    A great big THANK YOU to iQuad! I feel really proud you welcomed and encouraged me to fly along side you all weekend. You know Saturday night when Kelly posted our mini mega Fog Fly photos, I was so pumped I couldn't imagine it could get better. Well to coin a phrase from her---- I exceeded my target heart rate in seconds after we started our wave and kite count off in the Mega Fly Sunday. Thanks Guys! I won't forget I'm #13 of 29.
  13. Hey guys happy,happy to you both. It was a blast being part of your special day. Thanks for letting me be a part of yours as a member of the "I-WOW" team. We did get the Mall visitors watching and their camaras clicking. Got to love those wind (or lack of) conditions! Looking forward to our next session. Jim C , Jeff K , Dennis H , Paul L , Dave A
  14. Dennis-OLO-H

    Cape Fear , Wrightsville Beach Nov 3-4 2007

    Hey there kiteflyers! The big event is right around the corner and I have asked all the powers that be for sunny skies and good wind. One of the things I can control and am happy to announce is that the banquet will be held at Front Street Brewery in a special room upstairs. There is plenty of room for us to set kites up for the auction and if we arrange the tables right, maybe even some indoor flying may be possible by some special guests. After weeks of negotiation (and special mention of them as a sponsor) I have been able to move them from $35 per person to $20 per person! (and that includes the room charge, tip, etc) for a buffet that will be a Southern splendor for everyone! There will also be a cash bar in the room itself. It is located right downtown with a parking deck adjacent. I need a "head count" for tickets by 10/26 - please email me at earthworx@ec.rr.com by 10/26 to reserve your spot(s). Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  15. Dennis-OLO-H

    new site

    Angelo, Great shirts buddy! Kelly and I are getting the iTangle shirts for Cape Fear.