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  1. A web search and I found this old thread LOL! Dannyj - nice video! It looks like they were locked in together quite nicely. My forearms are sore just from watching your video. Powerbar - those sound like some sweet stacks! Sylvian Bouju - I've always wanted to fly a Peak. I'm thinking about 5-7 m/s plus. In follow up I did stack the 4->8 under a Flysurfer Speed 7. (The original speed with a modified 4-3-1 bridle) The power increase was cool but the difference in flight speed too great to synchronize. The powerblast would move forward back or turn in the wind window too fast for the Speed. My interest was in having the super fast turning performance of a Rev with enough power for kitesurfing. Now I'm just happy to have some time to spend on the water.
  2. Its a 4->8. Most commonly I fly a 10 meter foil but some times I fly a 17 meter foil. I am thinking about doublepowerblast or alternately putting a foil over the powerblast. How do you suppose I should hook it up? Do you need a stack line from each bridle attachment point? Jake
  3. Hi, I'm new to rev's but have been kitesurfing for a few years now mostly with depowerable foil kites. Anyway I just got my first rev - a powerblast 4->8. Does anybody know if it is possible to stack these kites? Thanks, Jake
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