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  1. Dude, where is your truck?

  2. zman

    new site

    Hi Campers I just launched a new site for those interested in new and exciting beach wear just click on the link thanks and enjoy Zman http://www.cafepress.com/zmanfx
  3. zman

    New shirt

    Here's a new shirt for all you shot car racers zman shot_rods.pdf
  4. Ok campers here's some pricing on the shirts call or email with any questions thanks zman P.S. all rev layouts are not shown please let me know what rev you might want camp_prices.pdf
  5. zman

    A Sneak Peek

    way coooooooooool!!! remember if you can own it wear it zman
  6. Hi It's Zman, I am humbled at the response to the shirt designs. WOW So for the folks that just have to have one or a custom one of your favorit kite, club logo etc. please feel free to contacting me at the following amazzara@designsbyartillusions.com Art Illusions llc 845-270-7272 thank to all for the support Z
  7. one more thing THANK YOU BEN AND BAZZ for believing in me and helping in this project. zman
  8. zman is here and I have candycandy.pdf
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