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  1. Can't seem to get in I registered and I can't see any forums. just keep getting and error message guess I won't get in on this one RF
  2. That would be me a day late and a dollar short thanks. R
  3. I got one B series standard Lime kinda yellow green. Its a start. R
  4. Gee! I got 1 B series Rev. How much newer of a flyer do you have to be. Why 5 less than 10 ????? Most collections start with one. You mean ya got to have at least 5 to be worthy of winning. I guess I got to spend more $$ to be eligible. Kinda discriminatory. Maybe I'm just missing the point. R
  5. All that advise from a guy in New bedford. Thanks! I was born in New bedford and lived on Purchase St. Then moved to Dartmouth and attended Dartmouth High. Now in Va. and flying kites. Thanks for the help. RandyR
  6. This late to this thread but. I read all that went before. I'm new to Rev flying and for the most part only watched others fly them. For that mattter I'm new to kites. Its been a year since I got my first 2 liner. To the point. I had the opportunity to fly not just pick up some handles flop the kite on the ground a couple of times and walk away fast. With the owner of the kite saying come on back its not all that hard. It was in the outerbanks and the wind was kickin like 18 to 40. I ran into Mr. Le Masters and got 5 min lesson and started to fly. With the wind gusting and about 20mph. I never did crash. The kite had a ton of brake and I had no problem in hover turns and single spins no problem. Invert flight not a problem. This is not tricks flying but just some slides and big turns. climbs, spins and dives and no crashes. I attribute that to set up on the handles. Every other time I touched a Rev in the past it was absolutly for me uncontrollable. I put Mr. LeMasters kite down after about 5 min. Thanked him for his time. I walked around for a few min trying to figure out what had happened. Thought maybe it was the high wind or just a fluke. I was talking to Cath Shook about it and she handed me one of her basket weave beauties and walked off. At first I had a hard time getting the kite off the ground It took all the up I could give and then some arm movement. The wind was still in the 20's and it was rainning. Again the kite had a ton of brake and I had to tilt the handles back in order to get forward flight but hovering and turning were not a problem. Never out of control but not always in complete control I had no crashes. 45 minutes and soaking wet and no mishaps. More of the same turns stops spins landings some invert and 20+ wind. Now all I have to do is figure out how to set up my new to me B series standard to fly with that much brake. I think if I had not flown kites that weren't set up as well I'd not have a Rev now. Thanks Randyr
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