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  1. The Advantage Classic was a Dual Line kite with Advantage rods. I believe it was designed by Ron Reich.
  2. 1990 OK following up from the store demo, heres the Brothers flying at the Great Lakes Stunt Kite Championships in 1990 .
  3. Hi All, having scanned old photos, I'm now copying some old VHS videos, so expect cheesy music and 90's clothes and haircuts. Found this first so here you go to start with... Dave Britain, does most of the flying. Nice to see how things have progressed over the years.
  4. Hi Chua, just watched the top routine Ip Man, really nice. Really like the move at 3:38 .
  5. So in Order - Newest at the top. - 2011/2012, check out how the 2 centre kites fly to one section of music while the 2 outer kites fly to a different part of the music for the first 54 seconds. - 4 flyers but again used for guest flyers. - Note 5 flyers, routine used for guest flyers. - Now over 11 years old, flown with 3 flyers.
  6. Hi All, But, sometimes it just happens to be where you all stand in a line (or grid)
  7. Well Done you guys. Was Alard 4th ?
  8. Simon

    Line lengths

    It's the Top lines.
  9. Thank I was away at the weekend so missed this coming. Glad someone noticed Welcome #2000 Bear100
  10. Simon

    Rev Bag

    Hi Have a few !!, and can say its the best investment I've made. Holds Lines, Handles & Kites and gets rid of sand !!!. Holds Rev 1's, Rev 2's, Rev 1.5's & Blasts no problem. Get one.
  11. Hear Hear !! This is what makes Portsmouth such a good festival, The World class single line kites for a beautiful backdrop, The World Class Dual line, Quad Line and Single line arena displays. The Quad area can only enhance that, so lets all make sure we keep as many in the sky as we can everyday. Its a chance for so many to fly together.
  12. Hi Just noticed very close to the 2000 member mark...
  13. Hi Bob, it's not unusual to have two PA's at a festival. Lets face it there are a few events where it would be a bonus. More people to hear my dulcet tones !! It's not a rival just part of the same, more to entertain the crowd so the sponsors and council etc love it. Which is a good thing. As for wearing out our welcome seems to be the complete opposite. Judging by the Portsmouth News, Newspaper report , and having checked the Festival web site if everyone turns up we might just make the numbers. If you build it they will come....
  14. If anything no music is preferable, and as Bob said have ability for the caller to be heard whether that be a radio mic or Mega phone. The possibility to get 20 plus actually flying for a long period together has got to be the main aim (it's not practice) No doubt Air-4-Ce, Decs & TFS (will Fusion be there?) will be called to fly in the main arena so they won't always be there. This will also give others a chance to practice calling a team. You may want to be think about that now, and check out the Mega team Rev moves.
  15. Simon


    Also a different fabric to the one used now. Think it was Bainbridge now its icarex.
  16. barf = Bridge & Roof Flying As in flying on roof tops (get permission first), same goes for bridges as gusts can kill. 3D = anything where the kite flys beyond the "normal" window. See also Street flying and Indoor flying.
  17. Stephen is being modest, he and Steve Matchett have a well organized pattern for the Tea Bag if you look at the picture you will see each kite is identical, and there are 3 sizes of hole (if I remember rightly) They do fly beautifully and are perfect for very high wind the picture was taken at this years Weymouth International Kite festival. Winds were gusting to 40 mph if memory serves me well. And thats a solid stacked Kiss. 1) This all stated in 1993 at Le Touquet Kite Festival when Lung Ta "vented thier kites on night using cigarettes.
  18. Hi , As for the the Wind Window it's not as simple as that. For a start a Quad flys in reverse, only some fly as far backwards as they do forwards so what is you left & right edge - Forward or reverse ? It's not a rectangle, you mention pivot on the lines therefore its a continuous arch from far left ground level to far right ground level So almost a 1/4 sphere.. Within this wind window you fly an interpretation of a 2d figure in a 3D area. Your perspective will be different from each judges and the crowd (video camera) The judges score based on a rule book, precision is easy / Ballet is hard. "flying doesn't make you a better Judge, but Judging makes you a better flyer" Quote Simon.
  19. Hi, OK - I was a judge. for over a decade, up to World Cup level. Things have changed, so... 1. Take a copy of any judge or rule book to every event. If a Judges say you can't do something ask them to show you where it says that. you could email them some of the links to videos from competitions, Steff Ferme - , Richard Debray , Chris Goff Precision Steff
  20. BTW Only use the ground as a que if its level... I used to fly on Epsom Downs (Home of the Derby) and if you do a horizontal ground pass the wrong way you start 10 feet above ground and end up hitting the ground !!! As for shapes in the sky, don't forget your view will be different than anyone else's. So if setting up for an audience if they are not directly behind you they will see a weird shape. Competition judging is /was the same if you fly a square do you fly a square or the shape that looks like a square to the judges ??? So that should give you a few excuses as to why she see's it differently to you ) Oh and if you do hit the ground just repeatit three times and she'll think you meant to do it !!
  21. Just had an Email from Chris Goff, letting me know how he got on in France this weekend.... He did well, he WON !!! I've been lucky enough to see the routine a few times now at Brighton & Basingstoke Festivals in the UK (Basingstoke was better wind) He beat a few VERY good local flyers with the routine, and I'm not surprised. This is such a great performance and certainly the spectators and Judges woudl both have loved it. It's fast, It's Slow and it just moves along so well with the music. You never get a real impression on video but who get the idea. Anyway, you can probably guess I really love this routine, its right up there with James Robertshaw's Papa La Petita routine for me. WIND was HOWLING so he's flying Rev 1.5 Vented. Probably 4 wrap LE & 3 wrap Verticals (I may be wrong on that)
  22. My True story fav. Axel Ferraro & My Son in the main arena about 10 years ago, so about 8 & 6 years old. Flying Carl Robersthaw SUL Fury or something similar, in ZERO wind. Next to me outside the area: Kid to Dad, IF they can FLY! Why can't you DAD ! Now that's a put down !
  23. Lets hope so, it'll divert attention from me taking everyone out !!! My favourite line at Portsmouth... Me to Susan of TFS. "Look at that idiot flying the Orange Decs kites !!" 2 hours later at Dinner. Susan to Me. "I didn't like to mention YOU were flying the Oranges Decs kite." Oh well DOH !!! Actually Jason is a good Rev flyer, he's flying up at Dunstable on a regular basis with The Flying Squad & the likes of Stone in Shoe, Andelscott etc.
  24. Hey Jason, don't worry if you don't have lines we'll have some spare.
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