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  1. If anyone is interested im selling 2 revs. 1 Vented B in great condition with handles, bag, 2 sets of tubes. 1 Rev SLE 1.5 in really good condition too. Kite and bag only. Have not been flying and these kites deserve to be in the ski and not my closet. Cheers.
  2. Thank you all for the nomination for the Rev clinic. I really appreciate it. But, I feel that it should go to someone who truly cant afford it or had a really hard time this past year. Also i will not be arriving till after lunch on friday. Thanks again for the kind thoughts. Cant wait to see everyone, Adam
  3. I'll see you all Friday late morning. Im coming from warm to a little colder in tampa. For most of you tampa will be t-shirts and shorts for me it is bundle up. Thin florida blood. What is the schedule for Friday night? Is that the auction night or is that Saturday night? Also is there room still for the dinner at sloppy joes? See everyone on the beach Friday. Adam.
  4. The closest major airport is Tampa. Then its maybe a 30-45 min drive to the beach. I believe Tampa is a hub for Southwest airlines and there fairs are really good. Adam
  5. Awsome time with Angie. Great winds. I think we should have anchored you to the beach. I look forward to flying with you again.
  6. Steve and Sherri, Just got my new kite from you. I cant wait to fly it this weekend. Thanks Adam
  7. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you i was up in New Jersey on business and just got back. Had no time to fly when i was up there. I run my own business so what ever is best for you. The beach is less crowded during the weekdays. Im open for any day.
  8. It is just south of Palmetto park road. The only way to get onto it is threw the condo on the beach. But its nice and wide with not alot of people on it. You can walk down to it from Palmetto but its a nice walk. Let me know when your down as well. Im out there almost every weekend. Adam
  9. I live in Deerfield beach which is on the boarder of Pompano. I fly on a nice semi private beach in Boca Raton. When you get down i'll fly with you. I'm always looking for people to fly with. Adam Us jersey folk got to stick together. "what exit are you from?"
  10. Dear Steve & Sherri, Im so sad to see you close. You were always there for me and all my kite need and questions. The kiting world has lost a truely great shop. Adam
  11. What day is the mega fly going to be? I'm only going to be there on Saturday.
  12. I'll be up from Florida for that weekend. Should be a great time.
  13. That's a hard question. I have over 3000 songs on my i-pod. But Pink Floyd "The Wall Live", Queen "A kind of magic"(soundtrrack to Highlander & iron Eagle) and if you really want a wild ride ANYTHING by King Crimson(but try court of the crimson king or I talk to the wind.) Im just now experimenting with some Bluegrass. Adam PS: who can forget IRON MAIDEN RUN TO THE HILLS
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