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  1. I have a Blast that's probably only been out of the bag 2 or 3 times, bought it on a whim, I'd be better off trading it for something vented.
  2. Is there somewhere on this forum where it's appropriate to advertise personal Rev kites? I bought a Rev that never gets used and would like to see if someone has one more suited to my type of flying to trade.
  3. So when do we use the race rods that came ith it, light or heavy winds
  4. Ya ....I confuse myself sometimes, I had the verticle rods on the side where revolution would be backwards or the opposite side of the bridle... just like my other kites. Looks like I guessed right.
  5. I just bought a Blast yesterday and although on both my SLE and EXP have the rods on top of the sail, it looked in the pictures on Revs site that maybe the rods should go on the bottom of this model... it seemed to fly ok with the rods on top but looks like it will have more of an airfoil shape if they are placed on bottom. Unable to watch the cd that came with the kite as I am on the road with just a net book.
  6. What kite is at the 0.57 mark.... looks like a Rev knock off?
  7. ditto, possibly I wouldn't have done the obvious
  8. Just the one side fluttering is what has me puzzled..... adding a little brake will be easy enough to try, I just assumed you could let those lines go slack in flight like my traction kites. So if my lines are all equal how much should I shorten the rear lines by to start? Sure wish I could fly with some experienced Rev guys.
  9. My SLE has a flutter that starts at the shallowest portion of the V (closest to the leading edge) in the trailing edge at speed, from there the faster I fly it the more the flutter moves down the panel to the bottom of the V. This only happens on the left wing. So far I have tried tightening up the bungees but the flutter persists, next may be to run a small line in the trailing edge to try and stop it (this used to work on hang gliders) Perhaps this is from being my first Rev and hitting the ground too many times stretching the sail? How do you judge proper tension on the bungees? I see them as the only way to tune the sail?
  10. I am just trying to learn embedding... On holidays in Oregon and this mutt came after my kite, this is his second attempt at taking me out so I thought I should tease him. His owner thought "all dogs mst be on a leash" didn't apply to them, glad he never got it.
  11. From my limited experience.... all lines should be the same length so it should make no difference where you attach them to on the kite, personal preference is right I would say. If I want to use 1 winder try putting together the right flying line with the right brake line together with a larks head then the same with the left pair,wind them in and put larks heads at the other end... viola
  12. I have been to busy to reply to this post but... thanks to all who stepped up, there are a few here who had not made a penny off the transaction and were willing to help out.... real class. Ben when I get a few minutes I will send a email your way, thanks for standing behind your product.
  13. Today I am a little bitter, my son had been flying my SLE so I thought it would be best to buy him a EXP to learn on. Because he has been with me so much flying my kite I let him set his up for the first time. Right out of the bag the lines were not the same length, nothing I couldn't deal with in the field so I got them close. The kite flew poorly so I looked it over closer and one flying line on the bridle was tied to it's brake line. Weird.... but I fixed that too. Now he had it flying in a pretty good wind but not over the kites limits and a outbord leading edge spar snapped.... I looked it over and swapped out with a top spar, 2 minutes later it snapped. So I take out the leading edge spars and notice a ferrel was not glued in properly from the factory and had slipped inboard in.... leaving only 1/4" for the outboard rod to grip. No wonder they were breaking. Don't these things go through quality control? Now I have to buy 2 rods to get him flying and I am not convinced the bridle is done right. What a dissapointing experience.
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