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  1. Hi, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vR9incyEwKo Here's one of the performances between the Parkour (Free Running) group from Singapore "Ashton Movements Agency" and a few Revolution Kite Flyers from Singapore on our short line urban kite flying setup. This is something so new and probably unheard of before everywhere, mixing parkour with urban Rev. We have our hits and misses but hope it is enough to inspire all kite flyers out there to start thinking out of the box to mix kite flying with non-traditional elements to create something that is totally unique and mindblowing. I know I was inspired. Event: NTUC Income Kite Festival 2014 presented by ACT 3 International Location: The Promontory - Singapore Kite Flyers: Siaw Jian Wen Vincent Anne Lee Chean Vooi Chun Ti Cheong Parkour Runners: From Ashton Movement Agency Date: 2014 August 24
  2. Hi, Last weekend, more than Singapore 20 Rev fliers got together and did what must be one of the most challenging mega flys anyone have ever done - flying over the water with very little room to move and with trees and buildings all around us. Some are seasoned fliers, some have flown for maybe not more than a year. In the end, the result looks pretty majestic Enjoy -Darryl
  3. Interesting John..Nobody knows the real name of this move but we have gradually started to coin the term "minesweeper" for it. It has become somewhat of a fixed name in the local circles now -Darryl
  4. Hi, For kicks, stacked 2 Indoor Revs together - only that they are side-by-side instead of back-to-front. Enjoy -Darryl
  5. Hi, Opportunity arises to fly an Indoor Rev in a shallow swimming pool, just for the kick of it. Enjoy -Darryl
  6. Hi, Probably a question that should be targeted directly to Rev but anyway.. Looking at the custom Indoor Rev that Tristan Underwood and Indoor Team FlyForm have, I'm wondering if Rev have any provisions to do a custom Indoor Rev with a certain specific design? I have something in mind and not sure if Rev can help out. EDIT: By custom I don't mean the usual custom colours via the colourizer. What I meant is own graphical designs, or like FlyForm's team kites, the Rev logo is on the side instead of the center (I really dig that actually) Thanks -Darryl
  7. Hi We had a local event here in over the weekend to support and promote the Singapore Cancer Society - in support of breast cancer awareness. With 20 fliers, we managed to form a Ribbon formation symbolizing the pink ribbon (a symbol of the cause here) and a love sign. Enjoy -Darryl
  8. I actually managed to 0.5 second fade that just fell out immediately and brought down the Revs below, wasn't caught on video -Darryl
  9. Hi, For the fun of it, we went crazy and we had a dual line doing a trick (cascades/comets) while Revs surrounding it forming the usual ball. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=510190595657690 Enjoy -Darryl
  10. Hi, Not something I'd normally even consider doing...which is why I did Ermm...Enjoy...? -Darryl
  11. Hi, I'm thinking of trying a progressive stack with only a B2 and a BPro. Does anybody knows what recommended length of the stack lines should I use? Since its a progressive stack, does that mean the stack lines have to be different? 7 attachment points too right? Thanks -Darryl
  12. Thanks John. And hence the mojo is finally unlocked Seriously, I did stole a bit from each of you guys last year and just put them all into a blender. Gotta thank you guys for that
  13. It was a short one this year Watty, only 2 days over last weekend. Same program, same layout, same dirty annoying wind , no lack of challenge and still as fun though. Hope you have a chance to return next time
  14. Hi, Spent the last few weeks trying to choreograph an Indoor Rev routine in my head to "Intro" by XX. End result is close but still needs some polishing - a work in progress. Enjoy Cheers -Darryl
  15. Thats the coolest thing about these kids. They were utterly unimpressed and nonchalant haha. Not worried about me flying too close for comfort. Adults may be a different matter. Yeah I do realize the biased-ness of my flying. When forced with such tight constraints, I'll tend to stick to be safe. Been right handed, I do my 360s much more reliably left to right while reverse flight right to left. Its all subconscious though -Darryl
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