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  1. wufer


    I bought a sail only from http://www.kiteworld.co.uk/index.html Your best bet would be to phone and speak to someone, and tell them what you want. Depending on how long it would take them to get one from Rev, it might be quicker to buy from USA. Derek.
  2. When im not flyin, im buildin Vid. http://good-times.we...host=good-times Ho, and Daz, before i took up kites, i used to fly these. Schuter Miniboy Schluter Heliboy Kalt Baron 50 Kalt GS (petrol) Haim Star Ranger Raptor 30 Raptor 50 And a few others, i cant remember Derek.
  3. wufer

    Rev bridle

    This may help Thomas Derek.
  4. Ooops missed this one Have a gooden Chris. Derek.
  5. wufer

    Rev Cam!

    Seems a few had this problem. Look right at the bottom of this page (in red) http://www.kandos.co.uk/page57.html Also, plenty reading here. http://www.chucklohr.com/808/
  6. wufer

    Rev Cam!

    Update. My second camera came today, and it was just like the first Off hand i tryed my cable from my Canon PowerShot, which by chance fits the rev cams. And now both rev cams work ok . So its nothing to do with the cameras; its the cables to connect to the computer thats faulty Wufer happy now . Derek.
  7. wufer

    Rev Cam!

    Hello Ant Yes, im useing a Transcent 4GB, class 6 card so that should be ok. Its hard to explain but. If you can imagine panning around a room, the vid should be nice and smooth. Well, on mine, it jumps, just as if you had flicked the camera, instead of moveing it smoothly. The sound jumps too. Remember years ago there used to be a comic on telly, and he would talk into a mike, and he made it sound as if the mike was faulty, and he used to miss words out, well my sound is like that. Anyway ill let you know how my other cameras get on when thy come. Derek.
  8. wufer

    Rev Cam!

    I ordered three from three dif' shops. Got my first one and, mmmmmmm Photo works, but video dont work. Its all gittery and steppy. So if return postage is too much, it will go in the bin Derek.
  9. wufer

    Rev Cam!

    ""I got mine from"" So did i . Derek.
  10. wufer

    Rev Cam!

    Ok thanks to both. Looks like your goin to start a new trend here Iv also asked the camera man for help on your youtube. link, Wobbly Derek.
  11. wufer

    Rev Cam!

    PS. And your source of SD card please Derek.
  12. wufer

    Rev Cam!

    Wobbly. I looked on ebay for your key-ring camara, and theres about 500 sellers Could you be a bit more specific about the model No, or a link to the seller you used please. Cheers. Derek.
  13. Yup, John sure set himself up here hu. HE haw, he haw, he haw, he hawt to know better Derek.
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