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  1. Well for me, I would certainly go for the 'B' along with the race frame. Probably the pro's with their experience in low wind would disagree but for the rest of us the 'B' is the business! IMHO. Ian
  2. Hello Lee I trust you will remember who introduced you to his Berresi 1.5B Vented last Tuesday! See you after your holiday. Ian
  3. Well done Nigel! Good quality video! Next time though, stop by Exmouth and lets have a fly together. Ian
  4. Well done Choccy! I bet that's great fun. Impressive pictures. Food for thought for many of us. Ian
  5. ian4c


    Choccy, Sorry to have missed your birthday yesterday. Have a good and great flying year. Ian
  6. Happy Christmas to you all. Wherever you are in the world, I wish you all a very happy holiday and best wishes and good winds for 2009! Regards, Ian
  7. Hello Steve and welcome to the forum & Exmouth. Yep, it been great the last few weeks. We are doing well with the help of our CEO. Mind you Xman has a bit of catching up to do! - missing the past 2 weeks! ha ha! - trust you can make it this weekend Xman? Ian
  8. Hi Derek and welcome to the forum. I met you a few weeks ago and after showing you the Hadzicki method you were in the air. Bit tense to start with. Then after a session with David you were flying to everybody's delight, very well indeed. Well done! Ian
  9. Yes Brian, you were right. Comes to he who waits! David and I were pretty much lone soles in this part of the world. And thanks to David and his enthusiasm and patience, we are getting some good moves together. During the past 3 weekends we have had as many as six flying on our estuary field. I was running a bit late on Sunday and to arrive and see 4 x 1.5 B's in the sky was a great feeling. As well as Vince, we will see Steve, Philip and Derek joining the forum very soon. Ian
  10. Hi X Man Welcome to the Rev Forum and to the new Exmouth Rev team scene. With all good wishes Ian
  11. Hello John Please add me. Would be pleased to complete my set. Greetings from the UK Ian
  12. Sorry to hear about your Blast LE. However an interesting post Crawf I have been surprised how much bend there is on the leading edge. Even in quite light winds up to 3-5 mph I'm thinking that the LE is going to snap. I attach a couple of pictures showing my Blast bending quite a lot. At times it's more than shown. You can see that the wind is not that strong. I have used the Blast with my Flexifoil Buggy. It pulls well and, but for the inability of the Blast to launch inverted on sand it would be a great traction unit. Ian
  13. A great thread Big Bri For me the best moments 1, Watching Joe with utter dedication passing on his knowledge to so many, hour after hour. The sales he generated at both shows must have been many. I witnessed Joe signing 5 new Rev sales in the few times of passing at Portsmouth and Bristol. I will do my best to show newcomers his teaching method. It works every time, with old and young. 2, The iQuad show on the Sunday afternoon at Porstmouth. A beautiful Show. And the Mega Fly. 3, Stephen Hoath. What an example to us all. 4, Meeting many new friends, and old. And the not so good moments.... Standing around for 2 days learning - not much! Flying in a very narrow space! But the company was great! Ian
  14. Tony, Exactly, nobody could not have put it better. Like you I don't understand why more people don't take it up. And, like Jonesey, my friends / family think I'm mad and trying to re - live my youth. Talking to a friend the other day, he asked me what I was doing to day and I replied. Just off to fly my kite. His response was "I've got a Pogo Stick in the loft, shall I send it down? Ian
  15. Well Jonesey. I could just hear Stephen saying "Sod this for a game of soldiers - I'm going to jump" http://photos.imageevent.com/ian4c/bristol...es/DSC_7728.JPG
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