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  1. Rev Guru & others,, Thanks for all of the answers. Lots of good info. Looking forward to more Rev Flying. Deutsch
  2. Hi, all, Not really my first Rev but first indoor. Some indoor Revs come with line sets, is there a length to ask for? I know it depends on the height of the ceiling but are there any other things to consider? Weight, length etc. Thanks, Deutsch PS I am posting this in other Topics, just in case.
  3. Thanks to all who responded. Sounds like not such a good idea. Will be taking your advice. Thanks again. Deutsch
  4. Hi, all Would like to know a little about a Rev Inside flyer. Will an inside fly in really light to no wind, outside? Also, how do you decide what line size and length to use? Do any of you fly it outside? I am a strictly recreational flyer no competition and mostly no wind outdoor kiter. Thanks, Deutsch
  5. Thanks to all who answered. Some good information which is what I wanted. Might just take the plunge and get one. Deutsch PS Anyone interested in a SuperSonic? Good condition--Sale or trade?
  6. Hi, All, A very long time since I've used the Forum. I've been wondering, why is it that I never see the Rev SLE SUL anywhere? I have been to many kite festivals here in the East and I have seen many Rev teams, but I never see an SUL. I am looking for something in between an Indoor and the B-Series, thought the SUL sounds about right. Anyone out there who flies one, I'd be glad to hear from you. Thanks, Deutsch
  7. Boy, you guys are really sharp. I never thought a simple little question would bring forth so much thinking. It turned out to have some really interesting results. Also, thanks for the suggestions. Can't wait to have some more questions. Deutsch PS Years ago, when the first Rev ii came out, I bought one and had no clue, but I finally mastered it. Then the next year when I took it out, I foolishly put the spars in front. Boy did it take a long time to figure out why the kite wouldn't fly. Even when I took it to the kite store, they couldn't figure it out. In the store they set it up correctly, but when I went out to the beach, it still wouldn't stay up. Of course, I was still putting the spars in front. I don't rember how I figured it out,but the kite flew beautifully from then on. Beginners make lots of mistakes, but only people who try things make mistakes. Thanks again and good flying.
  8. That's what I thought, but it did look different on the pictures of Speed Series on the Rev Products site. Thanks D
  9. Just looked at some pictures of the SuperSonic. It looked to me like the spars were located on the front of the kite. Is this true or have I been putting my spars in the wrong place? (On the backside) Thanks. Deutsch
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