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  1. Cerfvoliste (5) @ Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There You Are.
  2. Disc Golf... @ Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There You Are.
  3. Rxburner.....ashland is pretty close!!!I thought I would say hello,....HELLO!!


  4. for the past month or so Norton 360 tells me that the forum has a Security Threat when I try to log in. Anyone else? Rx
  5. Yes I am an AKA Certified Kite Flyer since 2004. Rx
  6. There are some nice deals on Dwyer's out there. Rx
  7. What's a nice girl like you, doing in a place like this? Rx
  8. That sure is pretty. Are you taking orders now? Rx
  9. The 1.5 Mid-Vent is the one I go to first. Does that count as a "Write in Vote?" Rx
  10. The Tacoma Triangle (I hear kite stakes just vanish into another dimension) Rx
  11. They are upgrading the sprinkler system. The Grass is dead. Albany Oregon it is! When is the next Fun Fly Dean? Rx
  12. I did, I just asked my kite shop to order it that way from Rev. I believe the 2008 and forward models come with the 3-Wrap now. I know that Mr. Dave, will let you pick your frame. Rx Quote From a West Coast Kite Pusher "NOTE: NEW 2008 MODELS NOW IN STOCK!! Review: Std now framed with 3-wrap frame, SUL 2-wrap, Vented 4-wrap. You can request any of above frames for each model at no extra cost! The Revolution 1.5 is my all time favorite kite to fly. Propeller-like spins, forward and reverse flight, 0-60 in about a second, inverted slides, instant stops. These kites do it all. Made in the USA of excellent materials coupled with outstanding workmanship. In the hands of an experienced flyer, nothing attracts the crowd quite like a Rev! So cool, I named my dog after it"!
  13. I think you should go with the Standard 1.5 SLE sail, but avoid the "Super Leading Edge" itself and go with the 3 Wrap 1/4 inch (Ultra Light) leading edge if you can. Rx (the bottom one)
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