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  1. I have seen it too It looks like one of the 1st RevII...
  2. play365 send me your e-mail... I might ask you to bring me some things from UK... P.S. don't forget to bring your vented...
  3. that's the spirit... if we had that in Portugal Rev would sell more...
  4. I know that one... a bit more expensive then Cometalia but they have what I need... Send them an e-mail...
  5. where are the Revs in www.kiteworld.com??????
  6. thanks for the link... The only problem I see is taht us people in Europe have to pay extra Tax (at least in Portugal we do) therefore we need to get shops based in Europe... (but I will have a look in this one for some items I can't get here...) Just for the Record Cometalia is also runed by Kiteres... and they also know what they are talking about
  7. I have the same problem here in Portugal... I buy every thing from Cometalia (www.cometalia.com)
  8. Is there any way to get this out here in Europe???? thanks
  9. share the schema for the bridles.... I have one but it is not complete... several measures are missing....
  10. Well this is not the fact in Portugal... We can't get a REV here and neither spear parts... I am looking for several and I have to order them from Spain or England... (and we do have a reseller in Portugal...)
  11. well my first contact with stunt kites was on April last year in Valencia (Spain) I saw the 2 lines and loved it then the guys there bought out of there bags some very strange kites (completely different from what they were flying) and they had 4 lines..... way to strange.... Whe they got them um in the air I just went :o :o and felt I had to learn that... so I got up and talked to them found out they were called Revolution Kites... 3 days later I was buying an EXP from Cometalia (Spanish store) and on that friday I got my first flight experience... well it wasn't pretty ... but I went back and back and back and with there help I ot the basics and keep learnig how to fly this mazing kites... Thanks Revolution...
  12. Never ask that question on a Rev forum.... WE WANT TO SEE IT
  13. I translate So you can have an idea of the Festival greatings
  14. 57????????? :o :o :o don't you want to give me one Jesus what car do you have to carry all those around???? ( a pickup????)
  15. I have 3 original REVs and 1 home made... and probably the one with less REVs in the kitebag form here
  16. Sorry Andy L... only Revs here (I caught the REV bug even before started flying )
  17. Send me some photos and the price please... I might also be interested... tks
  18. I was thinking on using 30Kg (+/- 65#) lines for my indoor
  19. Just for the record in Portugal during the summer is prohibited to fly any type of kites in the public beaches, except in the designated areas... (but there are none at the moment... we are working on that)
  20. I am starting now... getting the equipment ready and finding a place to fly thanks for the infos the lengths are exactly the same I am making...
  21. What is the normal length and weight for Indoor Lines that you use???? tks
  22. I want a Banner like that....
  23. what programing language are you using???? let me know when you have a demo so I can test it....
  24. I have one of those and it is a lot off fun... I need is to make the handles and I am in business... ( I am is afraid of ruin it... )
  25. Never tried a B-Series... but I would love to... I might think on buying one instead of a SLE
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