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  1. Speaking of Zens, I hope to pick mine up at LC next weekend.
  2. Not sure. I have full vent that I hardly use. I use full sail and mid-vent far more. I have a Zen on the way because I am more likely to encounter <3mph than I am to encounter high winds, and besides, I've always wanted a Rev I. Of course, I have now jinxed myself into 3 months of straight 30mph winds
  3. That's about what other online vendors charge for 120' 90# LPG. If you buy bulk line (1000ft), $125ish will get you enough for two sets of 120'. Of course, there is a fair bit of labor involved in making and equalizing the line sets by hand. Unfortunately, quad is twice as many lines as dual
  4. Probably because more work to construct xtra vent. Besides, I can't see making this decision based on price alone. You have to decide which winds you are targeting. Zen and xtra vent on opposite ends of the spectrum!
  5. Thanks. Just booked flights and staying at friend's place about 10 miles south. Will be nice to meet some folks.
  6. Based on that info, I'd say mid-vent with Race and 3-wrap frames. You'll end up with full sail, mid-vent, and full-vent, and Zen, and extra-vent, and ... eventually
  7. Anyone going? I might be able to make the trip from the east coast, visiting close friend in OR. --Lee
  8. ilh

    Crane Beach

    Crane Beach, Ipswich, MA
  9. ilh +2 (5) with a Zen on order
  10. Don't think there is any difference. Tubes aren't marked differently. You could tie an overhand knot on the outside of the endcap to keep the bungee from sliding through toward the middle. Might be worth a try. Easy to undo.
  11. ilh

    Rev 1 SUL

    Nowadays, Rev seems to be using the same sail cloth across the range of 1.5 SUL, 1.5, and 1.5 vented, ignoring mylar. Email Rev and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they would happily sew you a Rev I sail with lighter leading edge material and frame it in any sticks you choose. --Lee
  12. I am very sorry to hear this. I had my first two Revs, a Rev II and homemade Rev II SUL, stolen back in 1996. Major bummer, and they weren't anything like these custom Revs! --Lee
  13. About 1991, my wife and I saw someone flying a strange contraption at Crane Beach in MA. We had never seen anything like it. It was a Rev I. Soon thereafter I got into dual-line kites because a Rev I was out of my price range. A couple years later I got a Rev II, then built a Rev II SUL. After not flying for 10ish years, last summer I got a 1.5 SLE which got me back into flying, then last fall a custom 1.5 vented, many frames, and then this summer a custom 1.5 SUL. I still remember looking at that Rev I in awe. I had never seen a sport kite of any kind before that. --Lee
  14. I think the real mystery with the John B picture is why is his right foot attached to his leg at the wrong angle? It is clearly an axel and not a 360. You can see the slack lines. --Lee
  15. That reminds me. My wife was in publishing and was helping to "translate" a British travel guide to American. She didn't notice a warning about a "sleeping policeman." She thought it really was about a policeman who was asleep. It was published that way here in the States.
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