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  1. Kent, Thanks for your help. This gives me a good footing to get started off of. Hopefully we'll have some good winds in Chicago this weekend so I can get in some much needed practice flight hours. I'm going to try to create the stacking lines based on your recommendations.
  2. Please excuse my blatant lack of knowledge, as I have just recently become addicted to Revolution Kites. I have already collected three Rev's, and I would like to experiment with a mini stack of dual EXP's. I have absolutely no knowledge of how to approach stacking Rev's, and I was hoping to ask the experts on how to do this properly. - Are stacking lines available for purchase, or do these line need to be fabricated by the individual flyer? - What other considerations should be included in stacking Rev's (stronger flight lines, longer flight lines, etc)? - Do certain Rev's perform better in a stacked configuration? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from a newbie.
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