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  1. is not Rev a religion for some people? whatever their religion...
  2. Hello Friends, Smileeeeeeeeee Regards. Juan Miguel
  3. That's better film http://www.vimeo.com/6753494 Best regards
  4. thanks every body, Choccy. I,m enchanted of dancing a tango with you, it´s an honor. Baloo, The pilots are learning of the revos, that´s soon
  5. hello friends, we hope that you enjoy !! good regards http://www.vimeo.com/6549940 www.vientosur.org
  6. Thanks Alex for your video, and thanks to everybody. In Fréjus Eolo he played bike.
  7. Os podeis hacer una idea de lo que alli ocurrió (sorry) Saludos, Juan Miguel
  8. it was in in flown nocturnal of 7º the Festival of Alcochete, Portugal, Greetings, Juan Miguel www.revoilusion.es
  9. the tail makes heavier and it destabilizes a little Saludos, Juan Miguel
  10. I hope you like this Juan Miguel www.revoilusion.es
  11. a bicycle dreamed that it could fly… http://video.google.es/videoplay?docid=-4990808981531379753 Bye, Juan Miguel www.revoilusion.es
  12. From Málaga, Spain, the Eragon_3, one revo 1.5 Saludos, Juan Miguel www.revoilusion.es
  13. Hello, from Valdelagrana, Cádiz, Spain, my friend Pedro Rueda http://picasaweb.google.es/guille.rastamon...929955315991074 Juan Miguel www.revoilusion.es
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