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  1. Thank you all for the well wishes. 7 days in the hospital is enough to knock the stuffing out of anyone. But, I did make it to Lincoln City. (Never flew so cold in my life. No practice in 2 weeks) Steve wouldn't bring me a kite to fly in the hospital, but a new Rev did arrive and he brought that to me. Thank you Rev!! It's painted and made it's maiden flight at Lincoln City. Now, I can find blind folded, and if I loose a limb, I can fly single handle. I've got music in my head, so if I go deaf it will still be good...So.. a little hospital visit won't stop me. Thank you again for the well wishes. BB Penny
  2. It's great exercise, indoors and out. Mentally and physically. Now can I get a note for my Doctor and write it off on my insurance? BB Penny
  3. Wow Ant, Way to get our attention. So glad to hear your ok. See how flying kites keeps your body strong enough to withstand most anything! Stay safe. BB Penny
  4. I've flown with IQuad and watched them move backwards as needed. It only takes a few steps, and then you regain your ground. Moving backwards is just one way to get you there till you find complete control, and then it will add to you window later. If you have to rotate your wrist for more lift, the kite is going to have to lay down just like your handles, that's why a little lift wouldn't hurt. When I call calls with people, and they are having trouble going higher on tip, or reverse, I just say step back, and they are up. It's just one way to do it. Practicing the hover, slide right and left off of the ground will improve that reverse. Hope you have some nice weather to practice in. BB Penny
  5. ** Don't forget to stretch.. if your young it won't matter so much.. If your older, you can tiny tear those tendons near your elbow if you're stiff. BB Penny
  6. It counted! In many ways. You'll get over the frustration and do it again and even better. You say overcontrol? Is your kite reversing out of control? That's pretty much overcontrol in my book, or a reverse wing flip. If the kite is going forward and crashing... you need to have more over control. Rotate your thumbs down till it stops or gos backwards. So I'm curious which it is. If people spin out of control, they are either pushing or pulling to much on one handle... cure: Put both hands close together and push your thrumbs down. This is going to stop it no matter what it is doing.. Unless it's in free fall. If it goes backwards out of control.. that's overcontrol.. Don't let go.. just give it a little less pressure. If you are reverseing 5 ft up that's great. We didn't do that our first summer. Now to make it go up higher.. Cure: Find that stable point with your handles that you used to get up 5 ft and keep it.. then step back to go up.. Walk your body back... Smooth direction and lift. That inverted hover takes a lot of practice. The Rev I is great, but you might like to try a lighter kite.. 1.5. I love the Rev I.. and it's a good learning tool. But more work. Sounds like you did excellent in ugly winds. Your going to amaze yourself if you ever get clean wind. You might try practicing your ups and downs a few times to keep your hands lower. Handles waist high is "home position". When you launch.. look for your handles to be no higher then in front of your eyes.. that way you can see them, and practice keeping them no higher then shoulder high. Land it, take off again.. land it..take off, come down, don't touch and go back up. You'll practice keeping your hands down, speed control, and brakes. Next year you'll be flying with IQuad. Have fun. BB Penny
  7. I bought one... Not sure where I'll use it. Somewhere where I have as spotter to help keep an eye on it so I don't loose it, especially in soft sand. I've been using a regular kite stake and a caribean (sp) for a dog stake. Steve or someone holds down the stake so it doesn't come out. Steve says it gets hot as heck. Walt, If I find a small caribean that will work on the base, do you think it will hold up? BB Penny ~who would be testing the warranty to the max.
  8. We'll be there soon. Either at 4 AM or 9AM depending on when we leave. We had hail that lasted for several hours here. It's going to be nice to go indoors. BB Penny
  9. Life's a bi*ch and then you die.. I mean... .Life's a beach and then you fly! I'm going to go put on a pair of shoes that are to small, so I'll have something to complain about. Actuallyl, I had a terrible Thursday. My boss and I were so wound up, she left work to power walk in the rain, I went to the park and pulled out a UFO.... The quickest form of release available in my van. About 20 teens stood there watching me as I came across the parking lot just whipping this poor UFO, around..I was ticked and it showed.. They looked at me with amazement and maybe a little fear as I went by, so I let them know.. I'm just getting rid of a little aggression. 1 UFO, 1 Rev on Short lines, and 1 butterfly later...I was a changed woman and could go enjoy the rest of my evening. .... now where are those shoes? BB Penny
  10. Kewl videos.. Thank you! BB Penny
  11. Yes, just do it. And why don't you have time? Those kites can be in your closet till you need them. In 5 years you will be 5 years older whether you can fly any better or not. You can call them your special occasion kites. (they won't go bad in the closet) Don't try to concquer it, enjoy it. BB Penny
  12. Wow, John, that is so awesome!! Congratulations John! Did you see that one coming? We are so proud of you and can say we knew you when. Have a wonderful time and get home safe when you finally head that way. BB Penny ~who's seen no updates nationals.
  13. Are we ready for a "We love Lolly" t-shirt? lol She is awesome. She puts up with us, doesn't she? Dang, and I thought I was keeping her a secret for years.. Guess it finally got out. BB Penny ~ who knows Lolly is a wonderful person and business woman.
  14. I don't know who video taped. There were plenty of tv camera's. I'm not sure what the rule was for others, but back stage no camera's or cell phones for people. We do have some group pictures. Something will find it's way out. It was an excellant adventure. We'll get everybody's names out soon that was involved. BB Penny
  15. Hey Mike, I sent info for events to the rev forum, but I"m not sure if they are posting festivals or just Rev. events. None of it was ever posted. They probably need a dedicated person to take care of it due to John's schedule. Your right though. People won't know where the festivals are to see Rev's if we don't get them up. BB Penny
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