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  1. I just put them in my suitcase, which coincidently is made by a company also called revolution
  2. Just wanted to say thanks to Steve and everyone else who came for a great weekend, even though i did only manage to make just saturday. I will also upload some photos soon, and also post a link to some video footage of satudays training (as soon as i get time to edit it and upload it).
  3. Just for anyone who is still unsure about how to get there: The entrance to the beach is 50m from where shore road meets coastal road in ainsdale. Or if you are using a sat nav then just search for PR8 2PZ. Cant wait for tomorrow.
  4. Im not particularly looking to learn anything new, just hoping to get some more flying experience, my revs havent been out the bag for 2-3 months . I will only be able to make saturday as i have to do some work for uni on sunday. Will be there as soon as the other half will drive me , hopefully about 9:00-9:30.
  5. Just interested to know if anyone has a rough idea of how many people will be turning up on saturday/sunday? Anyway, weather looks ideal for b-series vented heaven.
  6. Just incase its not been mentioned yet, it costs £3 to take your car onto ainsdale beach (if you dont get there before about 8am, thats the time that the ticket guy gets there).
  7. Have been following this thread closely for a while now. I can make it on the 17/18 not so sure about 24/25 but i might be able to pull some strings to get there.
  8. I will definitely second the ainsdale recomendation and can confirm it has everything a rev flyer could ever want. In fact im going there on saturday and then up to balckpool on saturday night for the blackpool iluminations . P.S. if you see this bri, dave or claire, is anyone else going to be there this weekend?
  9. I believe that they are tending to use bridles of 100% black or similar colour so that the bridle does not spoil the look of the kite applique work. This is why all b-series kites are shipped with 100% black briddles. Somebody correct me if Im wrong. Andy
  10. Does that mean that a rev 1 with a "rev equipped" (4 wrap) frame will fly well in winds as low as 6 mph? Thanks Andy
  11. Definitely agree there. Just a quick question: what spars are you using in you sedwick rev 1? SLE? 4 wrap? P200? P300? Andy
  12. Will any one be going to the Bristol festival in the UK this year? I believe its just about the biggest UK festival on the calender and was just wondering if any one might be visiting the UK for it? Barresi will you be there? Has anyone ever been before? what are your experiences.
  13. Hi Brian, After discussing with steve (kiteworld) the other day about what revolution kites and frames they keep in stock, he did mention that they are now selling a progressive stack. The Kiteworld website has been updated to include this. Also thought you might be interested to know that he will have race spars in stock in just over 2 weeks. Andy
  14. Hi Darryl, From my experience (3 weeks worth) of both the vented and none vented b-series. I have to say that in any winds above 10-12 mph the vented is much nicer to fly. It is just that much more smoother and precise to fly. While the standard b-series is a fantastic kite, I think that if the winds are more often above 12 mph where you fly then you would be better off getting a vented b-series and then possibly just ordering a standard (non vented) sail direct from rev or through your local supplier. Or as FortFlyer says you could get some race rods. Andy
  15. Thanks, Glad you like it. I have a few more in the making, I will post links when they are finished.
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