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  1. The same routine at the Donaueschingen kitefestival, but from another perspective.
  2. Felix, it was great flying with you and the rest of the Decorators, Lynn and Jim Foster, Sara Rizzetto, Sebastien Clarke. I agree, it's a great event. Looking forward to be back next year too :-) Hans Team4Fun
  3. Hi, Team4Fun will try to come with all six members from Wednesday, April 14 thru April 18. Good winds,
  4. We use 4 SMD spots placed on quadsticks, 2 spots on each stick, on the back of the sail. Depending on our mood, we attach tape on the lights and paint them. For this video we painted them red but mostly we paint the 4 spots with 2 different colors. Good winds,
  5. Hi, this is a video from Team4Fun made during the nightflight at the kitefestival in Boxberg/Germany. The video is made by Drachenclub Schaffhausen. Have fun. Nightflight Team4Fun Good winds,
  6. Stephen, Team4Fun will be in Berlin too. It seems that some european quadlineteams are spread over two great festivals with a huge tradition: The Flying Squad and Team TimeOut in Scheveningen, Decorators and Team4Fun in Berlin. Have fun! Good winds,
  7. Hi all, although we are a German/Dutch team we make the calls in english. We changed to english about 2 years ago and it makes it much easier for us while flying in international megateams. @Felix: you can add the languages in your list for Team4Fun: Hans: German/English/Dutch Stefan: German/English Annette: German/English Heiner: German/English Manuel: German/English Markus: German/English Good winds, Hans www.team-4-fun.de
  8. Hi, this is Hans from Team4Fun, when Team4Fun started back in 2004 our calls were all in german. After our first visit to Berck sur Mer and Oostende/Belgium, which festivals are well known for their quadline megateams we noticed that it was difficult to switch from the german calls to the english calls. From that time Stefan, our team-leader, decided to do all the calls in english, also during the festivals where only Team4Fun flies. We noticed the advantage during the next festivals when flying together with international teams. We didn't have any difficulties with the communications when Philippe from Team FLIC or Stephen from The Flying Squad were the megateam-leaders. During the Cervia/Italy festival last month we invited some italian pilots to join us. Until then they only flew with italian calls so there were some misunderstandings during some moves I recommend all the non-english speaking teams to make their calls exclusively in english, even during their national festivals. Good winds,
  9. Hans

    1.5 SUL Markings

    I replaced the spectra bridle for the standard bridle. Didn't notice a difference when flying in real low wind conditions. Good winds,
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