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    Hot water

    I have been detailing cars as a hobby of mine and I found a post from a Canadian who worked for the power co. any way he was researching how to remove salt water from power lines from soaps to chemical he posted the only thing that works 100% is hot water just thought I would pass this on for all the beach and ocean flyers
  2. Would you say the xx is a bit better than the rev 1 for low wind I don't see the rev 1 for sale any more and want a low wind kite but can't afford the zen and not sure the zen is still made I have been off the forum for many years but want to get back up to speed thanks
  3. Well for at least 1 week per year few questions my son just got the rx and the xx both kites fly great but my son likes the rx better he is a pretty good flyer muck better then me my question is the xx a rev 1 with new springs on the sail I do like it just was wondering we also have vented mid vent standard solid b kites an exp and a blast love them all
  4. Anyone have exp bridle for sale i will be there fri and saturday. thanks reggie..
  5. Hello all my kids chipped in and got me 3 days at the oceanic hotel for my birth day. Looks like i will be going My son Tim attended last years event with his girl friend and me Tim and my daughter Abby also went to liberty st park. We were at the park when Ant's car broke down. Need to see Brad for exp bridals. But can bring a few b,s to fly See you their Reggie.
  6. Just got back from Liberty and was sorry to hear about ant mans car trouble It was a good day with very low wind Missed Brad this time i was wanting a b solid maybe next time. Their was a very nice guy who showed my son how to slide didn't get his name but he was good flyer.
  7. Nice . Are those carbond fiber rods in the middle of the bridle. and how dose that work. thanks.
  8. Hey everyone. I'm planning on going to the falls and was wondering who else is going to be there. Also, are there any good places to go for b solids up there. I met a guy at wildwood and got a couple vented b series which are great. If anyone who has gone before could enlighten us on the details that would be great.
  9. EXP,Blast,and 2 Bs.. Soon to have 1 solid b and solid rev 1..
  10. Hello all my son and i were at the event but only for a short time we were able to pick up two B 1 lime green and 1 blue and black. Their was a nice guy their at the rev rep area who showed us how to fly in the very light winds and also taught us a lot about the kite lines. I was wanting to meet a few people but was not shure i was alowed in the rev I quad section. After seeing the quality of pilots we were very impressed. Hope to do it again next year.
  11. Thanks i got mine and it looks real good
  12. Exp and Blast maby 2 Bs in the summer 08.
  13. I can even tangle them when i UN wined but i do like to fly. Has any one tried rc planes and heli. No lines.
  14. Hay is ok to ask hows the best way to un due a 2 line tangled mess. Spectra
  15. mbkite12


    On my exp i set the down sticks on the inside so i have a big sail. But i think i have seen in video on 1.5 or on Bs the down sticks are on the out side So the sail not so big. Am i seeing things or dose this work.
  16. Hello I got an EXP because i could not fly my Blast. What i have found on the exp is that it bends and cups the wind Holding the wind longer so you have time to see whats going on with the kite so that the only way i was able to learn how to fly rev kites...
  17. The Blast was my 1st kite Tim the tool man i am. Had to have the biggest. Took a long time for me to even get it off the ground . Went for an EXP to learn on and that worked. Fun kite to fly and takes a real beating as a new bee. Now back to the blast i have broken the original lines because the kite pulls like a monster. After learning more on how to dump the wind when it pull hard its a joy to fly. and will do any thing a rev can do Haven't flown a 1.5 yet but will soon. If your looking for a recommendation I love mine..
  18. I was watching one of John B. videos and was wondering how you were flying and holding the kite. At first i thought some one else was flying. Very clever ideas.. When the kite top is towards you are the controls reversed. right is left and left is right. ?
  19. For next years vacation i will get the rev 1 and b rev 1 for me and a b for my son. thanks again..
  20. Thanks i have an extra set of lines i can cut down. After this last vacation the kites were fyling so good that it re sparked my intrest. Question on 1.5 How many different typs are their. sle , sul , vented , and b series. How dose the rev 1 compair. And why would longer handles help in low wind.
  21. I am going to try the rowing the boat move with the exp at my heli flying field will the exp do this. you know the move to gain altitude pumping i have never tried this on blast or exp but i am more comfortable with the exp. Any advice thanks.
  22. Hello all my name is reggie and me and my family just got back from ocean city nj and we had wind all weak. My son and i finaly flew good for the first time.. Me on the exp and my son who is 19 flew the blast. This is our 4 th year trying to fly these things and it finaly clicked . i was so excited about the good flying i looked up rev kites on the internet and found this forum. I had no idear their was a b seris kite i will hafto get me one of those or two. Looks like i need a trip to wild wood next year. I have been reading all your poasts waiting for permision to poast shure a lot of good information thanks...my spell ck dosnt work on hear always been bad speller.
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