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  1. From all of us here at Kiting Tampa Bay. We would Like to thank Lolly, Revolution Kites and all the Rev flyers in attendance for supporting our Auction to benefit the Children's Cancer Center of Tampa. Thanks to you we raised $10,000 for the Kids!!! Kite Flyers are amazing people... Thank you CLICK HERE for the CCC’s FaceBook Page and you can see the post from the event
  2. Thanks for Everything Ben... I really enjoyed all the flying we did on and off the Team.. Love you man..
  3. KiteMania February 7-8, 2015 Link for more information Kiting Tampa Bay is hosting their second kite auction to benefit the Children’s Cancer Center of Tampa at KiteMania 2015. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to directly the center. We are currently looking for donations to support this event. In 2013, KTB and the kiting community raised over $5000 and we would like to top that amount this year. If you would like to donate something E-mail us at [email protected] Thank you, Jay, Kelly and Starna
  4. I have some Fantastic News!! At Kitemania February 9, 2014 there was a New Revolution Kites Mega Fly Record set for Treasure Island Beach. 31 Kiter’s Lined the Beach from the Thunderbird Hotel to the Shore Line… Each Flyer was able to own their space and we completed 3 maneuvers. First, we flew the Audio Wave… Second, came the Vertical threads and lastly we created a Huge Arch… The best part of it all was.. There was no tangles, No one Crashed their kite and we were all done in 30 minutes.… To all of you who participated… Thank you for joining in.. I know how intimidation it can be…You all Kicked Butt and I am a very proud Revolution Kite Flier today… Next year Lets go for 40…. Jay #15
  5. Thanks Kelly.. Ok I stand corrected, It is 29 Rev fliers on TI... Cool So we only need 30... I think we can do that for sure....
  6. Hello Rev flyers, Kiting Tampa Bay is hosting Kitemania on Feb 7-8, 2014. This is NOT a Festival.. Just a gathering of kiters... Some of you might remember that in 2008 we set a record for Rev fliers in a mega fly on Treasure Island Beach at 33. Kelly and I were looking at the Number of fliers coming to Kitemania and we think we have a very good chance to up the record. So, if you are going to be in Florida on February 7-8 please grab a rev and join us. To set the record we all must do at least one maneuver together. Here is the plan… First, this is going to be as quick as possible. This does not mean we won’t be flying team like we do, all day, but for the record attempt I would like to be finished within a half an hour. Second, the Maneuvers are going to be super simple and this means everyone is welcome to join in. Only flying in front of yourself in your own window. No Grids and No Following because that will lead us into unwanted trouble. Maneuver one will be the Audio Wave witch entails flying strait up and then back strait down in succession. Also we can create an arch with the middle kites flying the highest. Simple. After we set the record with these two maneuvers all is fair game. For more information go to KitingTampaBay.com I hope to see you all on a kite field real soon.. Jay
  7. I received my NYM Kite this week... WOW!! does it not only look good in the Sky But it Fly's like a Dream... just when you think Rev cant come up with anything else they do... Great Kite Proud Owner... Thanks Ben....
  8. Kurt, We fly in Ft Myers and we would love it if you joined Us... Find me this weekend and Well try to get something together... Jay
  9. Ben, You old Salty Bastard... You know everybody Loves you... Even all of us here at Kiting Tampa Bay... The Kiting world and Revolution would not be what it is today without you.. Thanks... You Rock
  10. Big News! KiteOberFest has raised $5,540.00 for the Children's Cancer Center of Tampa! We can't thank everyone enough for all the help and support hard work that went into KiteOberFest! This amazing donation could not have been done without everyone! Thank you ! Were already working on KiteOberFest 2013 and we hope to raise $10,000.00 Next Year! For all of us here at Kiting Tampa Bay and Joe and the gang from Windworks.. Thank you again!
  11. Alden.. Thanks Buddy.... And Remember you will Alway be #1.....
  12. Ben, Thank you again for being here.... We miss you too... Thank God January is not that far off....
  13. Thank you all for attending the first annual KiteOberFest!!! We had a great turnout and a successfully made a difference for the Children's Cancer Center.. Thanks to the amazing generosity of our Kiting community... A Special Thanks to Bazzer, Steve, Rich, Alden the Quad Squad... And Many More Cant wait to see my Rev friends at the Treasure Island Kite Festival and Competition..
  14. 7 Days 2hours 23 minutes and 16 seconds to Go.... Tick Tock Tick Tock
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